By Sarah - 24/07/2011 00:01 - Canada

Today, I was directing traffic at work during one of the hottest days of the year. Not only do I have to stand in the heat and exhaust fumes for minimum wage, I also had to endure people asking me "Aren't you hot?" as they drove past me in their air conditioned cars. FML
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On the bright side, you get to say, "No shit" all day.

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dude op YOU LIVE IN CANADA! IT CANT BE THAT BAD! come down here to texas an i will ******* show you what heat is.


On the bright side, you get to say, "No shit" all day.

that's when you purposely cause an accident by waving your arms in different directions and fall on the ground and say that you were fainting of heat stroke

flockz 19

dude op YOU LIVE IN CANADA! IT CANT BE THAT BAD! come down here to texas an i will ******* show you what heat is.

Look at the bright side, some are actually hitting on you!

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im sorry but this FML just pisses me the **** off. i mean i dont know much about canada but dont u guys have snow like half the year in some places. I MEAN ******* SERIOUSLY. i mowed my lawn yesterday in heat that would make satan cry. AND I DIDNT ****** POST IT ON FML. and it hasnt rained in like a month. SO **** U OP you get no sympathy from me. learn to sweat a little bit.

dosnt actually mean hes in canada. its just where hes from

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dude at least you have a job, so why dont you stop bitching! gawd

dude, in my town in New Mexico it rained for the 1st time in about 300 days, and it has been 95 - over 100 degrees everyday. Can't be worse

-35 **** dude try bring in Vegas it's so dry my skin cracks, that combined with California steals our goddamn rain and its so hot I actually did cook an egg on a sidewalk does not make the prostitution worth it...

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35 theres a ******* heat wave in canada so stfu and calm the **** down. comparing your life to others is pretty stupid. I bet if I compared your life to a poor person in the middle east or Africa then you life would look really good. Also some people are more sensitive to heat and can feel it more. Plus when you are used to the cold all the time then you ushually feel the heat more.

flockz 19

ugh yup canadians gonna hate me but i dont care theres a heat wave everywhere in the U.S. and like everyone else has said above its probably just as bad there in new mexico and las vegas as well. i just got a little pissed that someone from canada posted an FML about it, considering when i think of canada the first thing i think of canada is snow. i mean right now its the middle of the nigh and its still in the 90s here. i mean that sucks lol. and for the guy who brought africa into this, believe it or not i do have sympathy for the people there and if your gonna call me dumb for comparing myself to someone in canada, u better not turn around an compare me to someone else.

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I didn't compare you to any one -_- and what does were you are have to do with where op is? just because your life is "hard" doesn't make any ones else less "hard".

44 - Not to really argue, but I'd just like to say that there's always going to be someone who has it worse in some way; shittiness is relative to the person and their lifestyle. For example, for someone who only has a bite to eat every day, having one bite to eat the next day doesn't seem all that shitty to him, or to us from a third person standpoint either, since it's been a constant. But when you take a middle-high class American/Canadian or whatever, and drag him down to that same level, all of a sudden it suddenly becomes a VERY shitty situation because there's a stark contrast in the before and after. And that's what makes the difference - situation vs norm relative to the individual. Damn I talk a lot.

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how are you arguing with me. o.O if I read it correctly you agreed with me lol.

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**** it im tired im just going to hide under my troll bridge now.

I have no idea anymore, my train of thought took 5 stops, changed directions 8 times, and asked me to transfer. Aka I'm so sleepy.

seriously STFU, I don't get how u can keep commenting about something or somewhere when u clearly said u don't know much about.

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41, 95 would be nice... It's 110-120 in AZ... Makes hiking up a 3mi hill I longboarded down suck more than it should...

It's hotter in Hell, quit being wusses all of you.

Yeah Arizona always seems a little hotter to me when I have gone there but I think Houston, TX is probably the worst because of the humidity

Heats relative, up here in Canada we're acclimatized to cold weather half the year, so hot to us isn't hot to you. I think 35 is insanely hot to you people in Vegas, Texas, or New Mexico that's not very hot.

I live in deep West Texas, it was 109 yesterday with a 20mph wind coming up from Mexico, suck my balls it's like Satan's Chode where I live.

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physiological changes occur when accustomed to a particular level of heat. when not faced with heat all the time, this means you have the same response at lower temperatures. its not just a feeling or psychological issue.

aw boohoo no rain for a month. not too long ago Australia had water restrictions with 4 min showers etc due to longest running drought.

A month? He said 300 days. I'm guessing your reading comprehension is about as stellar as your grammar/punctuation?

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4 min showers? lol i dont know what part of australia youre in. that didnt happen here. water restrictions =/= 4 min showers...

dude I live in Australia, I can show you all what heat is.

78 - our state govt sent little 4 min egg timers in the mail to put on the shower window

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obviously u don't know much about Canada ... it can get up to 50 degrees with humidity

Not all parts of Canada have snow. And who cares if it's hotter where you live, were you standing outside most likely in uniform, enduring what the OP endured? And it can get to 30+ celcius which is like 97 fahrenhieght.

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it can get up to 120 degrees in Canada with humidity

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some places in the US get more snow than Canada

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I've done this three times every year at the county fair for hours...I'm a 15 year old girl man up

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@86 which state is that? what a waste of tax payer money... we never got that here, and i think if we had...i think memberships to gyms around the country might start to decline...

25. are you a vampire or just really, really ugly? and flockz man. I'm from Canada. it's not as hot as southern US but it is still pretty hot, and we are used to ******* cold temperatures so it's harder to handle the heat. you need to relax :)

didn't all of Australia get restricted to 4 minute showers? and there are only certain days you can water plants on as well. I'm curious, which state are you from? and apparently the rain this year has been the heaviest for about 10 years too.

Guys, it gets wicked hot up north, I live in Massachusetts and it was 110 yesterday. I also just got back from Canada and it was still freaking hot. Just because we get alot of snow doesn't mean it never gets hot.

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I've done this nearly everyday at work for 3 hours straight. Many customers say it's against the law. Not sure if it is the same in Canada but yea...I feel your pain. It sucks especially if you're in uniform and force to wear pants to look "professional".

thank you 100, I was going to say that snowy areas can get hot too. We had record heat in Massachusetts yesterday, at 112. And MA isn't that far away from Canada. Don't you guys remember when some southern states got snow this past winter? Sure, it was only about a half an inch, but everyone was all freaking out and staying indoors. And the transit system "couldn't handle it" because they didn't have snow plows. But did Massachusetts and Canada say "1/2 inch? We get 5 FEET regularly!" like you guys are about the heat? No. The heat in Canada may not be as extreme, buts it's an anomaly they are not used to, and therefore it is an FML.

wtf 29 , I'm in Canada , and most days of the summer the temperature gets at 37 to 44 that's ******* hot .

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63,65 man I can't even complain its only been in the lower-mid 80's in SolCal -____-

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ops probally complaining about 80 degree weather. it's 105 + anywhere in the southern part of the US.

people need to just stop bitching, I work 10 hrs a day in direct sunlight temperatures around 105 degrees, high humidity, and wearing long sleeved denim shirt and jeans.

have you been to Toronto this past week? 48C last Thursday in the freaking shade! go find your own unit converter.

Las Vegas is a dry heat. Humidity makes it so much worse. Even in the shade it's just as hot because of it. It was 44°C here the other day which is about 111°F I believe. Toronto was 48°C which is about 115°F. Humidity is stifling. Canada's weather goes from one extreme to the other. I remember as a child having it drop to -42°C for a week straight and that was just on PEI. It's all about perspective. Someone from the north would think that -20°C was nothing.

ya. agreed. it's prolly hotter in California too. hit 103 the other day. quit complaining about a job. that's not even a fyl moment.

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be happy you have a job, I know a lot of people that don't.

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hell yeah 35 it's hotter than a *****'s snatch on dollar night at the chicken ranch. that canadian bacon would sizzle here in Texas

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i dunno about the plant watering thing. i dont do that anyway. as for the 4 minute shower, that wasnt implemented here. im in SA.

oh please if I remember correctly in the winter someone in the USA complained on here about having to walk in an inch of snow to school. we are all used to certain things so they become fml's when we get the other extreme. enough of this dissing. Jesus.

ohh, that's right, SA gets more rain. At least VIC isn't as bad as QLD (3a compared to 5) we all got sent 4 minute timers in the mail to stick on our shower :)

it was almost 112 degrees here in Canada, that's aprox 42 degrees Celsius! man it was hot that day

a_nutritionist 10

yeh, we do get screwed with the cold n rain :P our issue is that by the time the water reaches us via the murray you guys in the eastern states have sucked it dry -_-

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your complaining right now..

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If it makes you feel better OP, my van doesn't have AC and I live in South Florida where it's hot and humid. Still not as bad as Texas or New Mexico and such but it's still getting to be like 98 during the day. And yes I drive a van but it's legit, painted green, and has windows.

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pedophile^^^ im sure it's "legit".....=/

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does it even get hot enough in Canada for a fml?

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82- Dur if OP is talking about it on FML

76- I live in new Mexico and in my opinion, hot and humid is much worse than hot and dry.

82 must be retarded. if op says it's hot, IT'S MOTHER ******* HOT.

106- humidity makes it alot hotter in the summer, and colder in winter.

ImaWiseGuy 5

111 retarded? It reaches 110, 112, sometimes up to 115 on the usual where I live and I know it doesnt get hot like that in Canada or the majority of the U.S. so I don't think it deserved a fml you dildohead...

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then that's where you answer "no you idiot, I'm here for my health (-_-)"

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And this is where I answer "You sir are a dumbass."


stupid people with their stupid questions grind my gears.

To which you reply "A little, but not as much as you" ;)

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They should've thrown you a water bottle like they did to justin bieber .


throwing stuff at bieber sounds fun Im in now where's the bricks.

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17- if you throw bricks at bieber, it'll be considered a hate crime against lesbians

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