By butterball - 18/07/2012 14:41 - Israel - Palmahim

Today, a male co-worker asked me in what shape I shave my pubic hair. Jokingly, I replied that I have a very nicely trimmed dodecahedron. Now he's telling everyone at work that I have a venereal disease. FML
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Anyone brave enough to attempt to shave a dodecahedron in their pubic hair? You could become a pubic legend OP!


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Yeah we've had some rough FMLs but this one I think takes it the crown of weirdest yet that I've read.

Well, the OP jokingly answered back his question so that would lead me to believe she's bringing on this smut talk/harassment apron herself.

29 - It's not OP's fault the guy is an idiot. But you're being the exact person that causes these problems. Men and women say, "Oh, so and so is filing for sexual harassment and it wasn't even a big deal," like the woman should have taken a joke and when they DO take a joke then it's, "Oh they brought it on themselves."

fromthesuck 8

Well does it seem like she's filing? No? Then I guess she was able to take it as a joke. Your point is moot.

Or OP coulda said from the start they weren't comfortable with that type of behaviour in the work place. But since they joked back, it seems like they were initially fine with it. As for what the guy did afterwards, he's a moron and should be sent back to a highschool geometry class

That guy is obviously an idiot and didn't pass 6th grade geometry, you should file for sexual harassment.

mandak1982 3

Moot doesn't actually mean debatable. It means that someone's argument in said debate is irrelevant or invalid.

Is anyone else amused by the fact that the OP claimed she sculpted her pubes into a three-dimensional shape? I wish she hadn't been joking, so that I could how much pubic hair and mousse it took to make. If pubic sculpting isn't a sport yet, it ought to be.

A7X_LoVeee 10

Honestly, I think getting him fired for this is a little extreme. Sure, the guy is weird for asking the question and wrong for telling everybody else but I would try talking to him first. However if it doesn't stop then tell your boss or if he's done something like this before then yeah file for sexual harassment.

Boob_fml 6

I will never understand why the replies to posts like this are always, "GET HIM FIRED!!" - how about TELL HIM TO STOP. Besides, OP is in Israel, not here where the answer to anything someone doesn't like is to make them lose their job and/or sue them for money.

73: Sexual harassment needs to be taken seriously, so firing needs to be one of the potential consequences. Should this guy specifically be fired for this? Not sure, but it sounds like there's a pattern of sexual harassment toward the OP. That's serious.

A7X_LoVeee 10

That's exactly what I said but thanks.

79: Firing is not too extreme a punishment for this situation. That's my point.

68, I would be more amused if she said a Tesseract.

Why are there comments about harassment and consequences? OP didn't mention anything about being harassed. This is obviously an acceptable type of conversation for OP. This FML is about the coworker thinking her answer had something to do with disease and not a shape.

Telling everyone someone has a venereal disease seems like harassment to me. It also doesn't sound like behavior which is appropriate for the workplace if they can just fire him and find someone more professional.

Whether or not OP has an STD, and regardless of whether or not their initial interaction is sexual harassment, it was NOT that guy's place to tell everyone about something that anyone with even the slightest amount of common sense would realize should be kept between the two people discussing it. This sort of thing happened to me at work, except somebody decided that because I rented a spare room out to a friend while my husband was away, that must mean that I was having an affair. People at my job also believed that I was an alcoholic, a cat hoarder, and that I had eaten a synthetic grease we use to lubricate helicopter parts, none of which is true. Once a false rumors starts, it's very hard to convince the population of the truth, and your reputation is ruined because of something that isn't even true. In the end I got so sick of hearing some new bull shit about me every day that I had a friend tell everyone that I was a hermaphrodite. Needless to say they all felt pretty stupid when they found out it wasn't true. After that there were no more rumors. That asshole TOTALLY deserves to get fired. I have absolutely no sympathy for people who take pleasure in publicly humiliating others.

I don't understand how any of you can think that someone deserves to be financially punished for something coming out of their mouth that isn't "I'm going to murder you." Sure he made a bad decision and perhaps he has even made several other comments that are inappropriate and make people feel uncomfortable but how can you feel that you are doing the right thing when you are taking away someone's livelihood for making someone feel uncomfortable in the workplace? Does that not seem drastic to all of you?

101: "Making someone uncomfortable in the workplace," as you say, is exactly the point. Nobody should have to choose between not working and being sexually harassed. The OP's sex life and medical status is none of this coworker's business. Workplaces have the right to demand that all of their employees behave professionally, spreading stories about STIs is the opposite of being professional.

101, I tried to take that attitude with a coworker once. Let the inappropriate comments slide, but because I didn't take a stand (also I found it difficult to confront a senior about their behavior) it resulted in attempts of physical harassment. I now regret not going to my boss sooner over the "inappropriate comments/jokes". OP's work environment shouldn't be compromised for another person.

101 - There's a reason behavior like that isn't tolerated in most every workplace. What might seem like a joke or just a mild discomfort to someone could very easily be unbearable to the victim of it. Who are you to judge the amount of damage that one persons idiotic actions does to someone else. "Oh he just shoves the kid in a locker on a daily basis, it's only a discomfort, why should one idiotic asshole have to find a new school." A line has to be drawn somewhere, personally I think it should be LONG before murder threats.

It's only sexual harassment if OP had told him on a least one previous occasion to stop with his comments. It can only be deemed harassment if it is a repeated occurrence, otherwise it is a one-off asinine comment from an ass.

89-sexual harassment isn't only a physical matter just making a dirty joke at work can get you fired if someone is offended by it. but you're probably to stupid or young to have a job.

delta1987 2

Sexual harassment? She played into it. People like you make the work day a long one. People play around and last time I checked most of are adults and can take a joke!

117, you can "fix" stupid in the workplace by the ancient tradition of firing their stupid ass.

124, last time I checked, most people don't consider an STI rumor a joke.

122 & 124: You're right, the OP screwed up by playing along and not establishing boundaries sooner. She (or her company) may need to review the sexual harassment policy... ...But her coworker needs to face serious disciplinary action. Spreading sexual rumors in the workplace is completely unacceptable.

Oreohugzpenny 4

That guy was being pervy just asking you that. I suggest telling everyone in the office that his dick is as big as a geico's. And Ivcan't even see there's!

143- Use proper English, and you MIGHT get fewer negative votes.

After all this debating I feel I should point out it is EXTREMELY unlikely he would be fired for this. The acceptable protocol in this instance legally is to stop the problem through discussion, behaviour monitoring and an investigation. This sort of behaviour is not extreme enough for firing to be considered off the bat. The only instances where I can foresee him getting fired is if the company has a really strict sexual harassment policy or they're just so shit scared of getting in trouble they act rashly without much hesitation.

143 that is a terrible idea. If you start talking to your coworkers about his dick, they'll think you've been together, which gives credence to the STI rumor.

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Pressure of attempting to be the first comment?

Why are all fml commenters such snobs? Not all comments need to be funny, original, or like any 'witty' comments ive seen here. Sometimes a "well.. That nice..." is a good comment. It means you sympathize with the op. why is it getting buried? Back off

Lol, anyone else wondering why the **** he asked Op what shape he shaves his pubes in the first place?

unknown_user5566 26

103- We are not snobs, we just like to see entertaining comments. We are on a humor site, after all.

103- Don't worry. You'll learn fast. I sure did! And be as meticulous with spelling and grammar as possible. Well, of course, unless you enjoy being thumbed down.

103 - Because, "Well that's nice," does nothing for the OP and frankly, nothing for us. It's an obvious and sad attempt at being "first" without typing, "FIRST!!"

103, Nobody cares about people who post those comments further down, when they're at the top it becomes painfully clear that their goal was just to get the first comment. Anywhere else and your comment will just be buried rather than mocked because its shit.

Anyone brave enough to attempt to shave a dodecahedron in their pubic hair? You could become a pubic legend OP!

miyaviichan 27

I'll try... I'll get like a ruler too.

MerrikBarbarian 9

And now I want to try this to see if it can be done..., I figure I can taxidermy a cinereous shrew, which is the size of a baby mouse... I might have the fine motor control to pull it off. Well that or there will be a fml about how I messed up in some horrible manner

Don't forget a protractor! Once you get an angle wrong your in for lopsided doom

Use a stencil that way you don't have to worry about rulers or protractors.

Yes, definitely a legend considering a decahedron is three-dimensional.

Twelve regular pentagonal sides. You're gonna need a mold.

Yeah 82 is right and you can't shave a three dimensional shape into your pubes

TheDrifter 23

Care to wager on that? A good bush can make all sorts of 3D shapes.

If anyone can accomplish this, they should try to get a picture in the "Believe it or not" museum! they probably won't except you but its worth the hilarious try!

Hahaa! Don't joke with co-workers... It neve ends well

51: not really, if it's their own comment. At least in my opinion. I find it assey NOT to correct your own small errors.

59 - That's why you rely on the username, not the picture ;)

22cute 17

And a thesaurus is a prehistoric animal!

Too 80s. Everyone knows all the cool kids nowadays want mohawks. Not that I'm sure how that would work.

Or form it into mustaches... That would be fun. Handlebar mustache, Chinese mustache, Hitler mustache... The possibilities are endless.

TheDrifter 23

The Hitler mustache seems a rather popular style here. Just a little rectangle of tribute, or possible warning to incoming suitors.

RedPillSucks 31

I'm having a hard time picturing a mullet. Business in the front, ok, a nice trim clean cut. Party in the back???? Hair all the way to her ass???? Wait... not that kind of HARD time.. awww, ding it. I've jizzed myself.

71, thank you for bringing the thread back to public hair (umm, don't think I've ever typed that sentence before).

Even if he was asking jokingly that is extremely inappropriate and not to mention awkward of him to inquire about your pubic hair...

So shouldn't be my pickup line? I use t every time!

It does seem to be quite the fabulous pick up line

Deannie88 6

That's not something he should ask in a professional place anyway. And it's people like him that are that 1% at work that everyone can't stand....

KiiwiiRox 6

It actually depends on where you work at. Everywhere I've worked there's only been one person who's been a dick/bitch.

dominic1221 6

Yeah but unless you worked with 100 or more people, #42's point still stands.

He sounds rude. This is considered sexual harassment wether he intends to do so or not. I would talk to him first and then report him if it doesn't do any good.

If I were a guy, I wouldn't answer even if it were a joke that's a pretty awkward question.

I just realized op was a girl* my bad hahaha, but the part with the awkward question still stands