By Xpresss - 02/02/2009 10:39 - United States

Today, I came into work with a new hair cut and so far everyone has asked me If I lost a bet. FML
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lovelovelovee 1

its just hair. it'll grow back.

As long as you're happy with your hair, that's all that matters


alwaysalady 0

Did you tip them? If you don't tip, they don't try.

Always ask your best friend about your haircut b4 going to school... if its bad... well, thats all i got FYL

thatswasup 0

Shouldve been like no I won. God think people! Not saying that to you guys this was if I was in that situation

soccerboy101 0

That's kinda cold of your friends. It can't have been that bad right? My hair has always been cut short, and every time it gets cut everybody freaks out about it. It's so amazingly annoying.

lovelovelovee 1

its just hair. it'll grow back.

gorgeousxbaby 0

that's rude of them. insault them ALL (:

Just because others are rude, doesn't mean you should be too. Also, *insult

skyttlz 32

this reminds me of when I got my hair. cut when I was 10.. it turned out horrible and u looked like a boy.. and it took forever to grow back

weavermycutecat 0
jazziness 12

When you said no I bet they felt bad.