By Anonymous - 18/07/2012 08:57 - United Kingdom - Peterborough

Today, I was convinced I hadn't locked up properly when leaving work, and almost had a panic attack at the train station. I went all the way back into work, to find I had in fact locked up properly. It made me nearly two hours late home. This isn't the first time I've done this. FML
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Better safe than jobless.

You guys, it's not Alzheimer's or OCD or anything. All humans experience the phenomenon known as douchebag brain. Douchebag brain is the main source of short term forgetfulness, for example: you walk into a room and immediately don't know what you are looking for, or, it makes you always remember to lock your car (or in this case, business) but can't remember if you actually did it or not. We all get it guys...


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No it doesn't sound like the "signs of it". Thinking you didn't do something properly doesn't mean not remembering to do it.

I don't know 1, I don't think she has Alzheimer's, I think she's just a little paranoid.

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They say the mind is the first thing to go...

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You guys, it's not Alzheimer's or OCD or anything. All humans experience the phenomenon known as douchebag brain. Douchebag brain is the main source of short term forgetfulness, for example: you walk into a room and immediately don't know what you are looking for, or, it makes you always remember to lock your car (or in this case, business) but can't remember if you actually did it or not. We all get it guys...

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Alzheimers has nothing to do with this. I sometimes forget locking my door and it takes me 5 seconds to remember I did. OCD has nothing to do with this and if you think it does, then you're an idiot. OCD is when you have a problem with almost everything and everything has to be done or arranged your way.

Lmao I chuckled when I read that. Of course it's not alzheimers!! Forgetting to do something is only forgetting to do something..

Too many people are reading this FML wrong. She locked the doors but forgot that she did, so eventually she let her fears get the best of her and went back and checked. And it WAS locked. She DID lock it. See comment 77 (a few above) for details.

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77 is incorrect. I have OCD and I constantly check to make sure my doors are locked. It isn't always arranging things in a certain way. There are different forms, and severity of OCD. Personally, I will nearly have a panic attack if I can't go back and check my doors, and make sure I have unplugged everything, turn off the stove, etc. it is very possible op has OCD.

134, exactly. The "almost having a panic attack" is a sign that OP could possibly have OCD/anxiety. Non-suffers wouldn't react in such an extreme way. I have OCD too and I don't arrange things. Thats a common misconception, I obsess over moments of my life or certain things like diseases and have anxiety attacks over it. I suggest OP go chat to a psychologist and learn some practical ways at combating the stress.

I know that someone that doesn't have OCD wouldnt almost have a panic attack because they didn't know if they locked their doors..

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maybe OCD. you might want to see someone about that, it might be serious.

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No #33, you and #1 are idiots...

PhishloverA 14

#116, you also are reading the FML wrong. OP was afraid she didn't lock up PROPERLY. She knew she locked up, but wasn't sure if she locked up properly. So she went back to her work and checked and she did lock up properly. Read the FML PROPERLY and more carefully

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These are actually signs of OCD

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86 you are the idiot if you think that is the only symptom of OCD, what often happens is people get a thought stuck in their head and cannot stop thinking it, such as there is still dust somewhere or there are germs on their hands. Cleanliness is not the only thing that gan get stuck, sometimes homicidal thoughts occur. But a common one is the worry that they have not secured something properly. They think it so much that even leaving themselves a note will not satisfy them and they will recheck it repeatedly. Any one of you can look this up on Google.

This sounds like an anxiety disorder.

Better safe than jobless.

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Exactly I don't see how this could be a bad thing now your boss knows that you care for his business you're a good employee op

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Should buy a vivint alarm system. You can view on your smart phone or computer anywhere and see what doors are closed or if they have an auto door lock you can lock it as well.

WAIT GUYS, where's noorFML been?

my sentiments exactly. usually I have something stupid to say but this isn't an fml. its a case of an avoided fml. I see what you did moderators

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I take pics of the doors when I lock up as I used to worry. I got tired of driving back to check . Maybe that will help you

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I think u might be OCD. U might want to get it checked out.

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How can you be late going home ?

Javee 17

Probably because his wife or family expected him home at a certain time?

tinkrocks98 6

Well it isn't like he was late to work . Being late going home won't get you fired .

flipfloperson 5

It can get you into trouble with your family if you had plans with them

Javee 17

*her spouse or family I apologize. I hadn't noticed OP's a woman.

tinkrocks98 6

Probably not the best comment . ^.^

Tink, You're putting down your own comment there because these are replies, not comments. Unless you already knew that and are apologizing for thinking up such a bad comment.

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Write it down or something!!

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That's what I was thinking. OP, make a little checklist at the end of work of your nightly tasks and what all needs locked up. This might seem tedious, but it's worth it to save yourself the time and freak out session! :)

I think OP just has a bit of anxiety

OP perhaps try saying it out loud (assuming you're alone) something like, 'All locked up now' as you're locking the door. That's more likely to stick in your mind as it's not something you'd do automatically.

Take a photo with your phone with the door locked and what not. Then you will have proof with photos. A photos worth 1,000 words.

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I had the same problem at my job, but I managed to solve it without the use of pen and paper. I know how OCD this sounds, believe me, but I have certain things that I absolutely do not do until other things are done. For instance, there's a light where I work that I do not turn off until both locks on the back door are engaged. I always set the safe combination dial at 0. Again, I know it sounds crazy but by doing things like this I can tell at a glance as I leave that everything is done. Also, by pairing things together (light with door lock) your routine can still be a bit flexible if you start closing down before all of the customers are gone. It works for me!

MrsSarcasm 3

I do this sort of thing all the time. I always sing a song about how I locked things up or turned the oven off. It sounds silly but you can't forget that you sung a ridiculous song so therefore you never forget if you locked your car up

look on the bright side at least you're looking out for your job.

flipfloperson 5

Try making a note to yourself after locking up properly; that way you can be sure that you did lock up without having to go all the way back.

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But you would've regretted it if you hadn't gone back and checked and you didn't lock up. Next time just double or even triple check to make sure you locked up properly.

:/ maybe your just having a bad day? Think positive though :) could be worse, if you hadn't locked up and had left it something worse could of happened! Don't worry, better safe than sorry :)

tinkrocks98 6

She said this isn't the first time . That is a Lot of bad days .

Where are you getting that from? It could only be the 2nd time it's happened :)? making it "not the first time", but the 2nd time. And cheer up OP :)

tinkrocks98 6

Then this isn't an FML if it only happened for the 2nd time . Reread the FML . It clearly says that this happened more that once .Obviously I am getting this information from the FML ? Are you having a bad day ?

Yeeesssss, It clearly says this has happened more than once.. That could make it the SECOND time :L? *sigh*

"This isn't the first time I've done this"....they could have done it once before, making it the SECOND TIME? *facepalms* By the way, your full stops are placed strangely ^_^ juuuust saying :) And deleting your comments? Niiiiice one :L

tinkrocks98 6

My full what?

tinkrocks98 6

I didn't delete any of my comments . ? I just checked . I honestly don't know what happened to my comments .

I think she means your period placement is odd. Also, I really don't think the issue of how many times OP has made this mistake is that important, though based off her tone and the general composition of the FML, I'd assume she's experienced this problem a few times.

Sorry :) I'm from England and its probably an English term aha

It's alright. There are bound to be some misunderstandings resulting from cultural differences. It's simply a matter of whether one goes about them civilly.

tinkrocks98 6

Alright .

A7X_LoVeee 10

So you believe it was the 2nd time huh? Sorry I didn't quite hear you the third time.

tinkrocks98 6

Lmao : )

Their comments got deleted dude, and not to kiss your ass but A7x are awesome :)

This thread has turned nasty, so nevermind guys :) just ignore my original post aha it doesn't matter anymore :)

I guess you'll just have to be a few hours late for work to even out the time lost at home.

Insanity (noun): The act of doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result

Perhaps the onset of an OCD? Is there an app for that yet?

Just forgetfulness, I'm the same way, except i doubt i'd go back...

I read his post as "looked up" so I thought he was even more insane then I do now.