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  brenton490  |  19

Technically no since Bilbo was a hobbit, and he called it his precious. Also Smeagal isn't the same type of hobbit as Bilbo or Frodo, but he is still a hobbit. But the cover Middle Earth into darkness yes that is wrong since that's Saron's goal, and he is not a hobbit.

  londoner86  |  13

True story. Society likes to pretend that women don't have much body hair, and what there is is easily dealt with in the occasional bikini/underarm wax. Fact: most get hairs in various places that we don't discuss - couple on the chin here, a few on the stomach/chest there..varies a bit depending on ethnicity and age... Women tweeze and shave and worry they're not completely normal. It's normal. Love to all the sisters out there.

  singer0421  |  32

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm under the impression that both men and women have hair on literally every part of their bodies except for the palms of our hands and bottoms of our feet. It's just a matter of how thick and dark it grows in.


I don't think its fair that you think OP has to "wear socks" to cover her toe hair. Oh, no! Toe hair! Everyone has toe hair. Women too. "Problem solved"? I don''t understand why people think hair on women is a "problem". It's natural and normal. But if OP is embarrassed by it, she can simply remove it. That doesn't make it a "problem", though. It's just hair, people. Grow the fuck up.

  Echoa21  |  18

So does that go the same for guys with patchy facial hair? Because almost every girl I know thinks it's "a problem" and that the guy should shave even though it's also natural.