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Today, I received an acceptance letter to Juilliard. After showing it to my mom, she tells me I can't attend because Robin Williams graduated from Juilliard, and he now has too much facial hair. FML
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chloe2114 4

Wow...Just wow. Go anyway :)

Your mother is retarded. Go anyways. And congrats!


chloe2114 4

Wow...Just wow. Go anyway :)

Don't let your mum, stop you from getting your education! Have fun and break a leg :)

Definitely! And Robin Williams is a legend :D

Don't let your mum stop you from an education! Go out there and break a leg :)

juliaispink 1

Well, facial hair of previous graduates is always something I look for in a good education, right?

Don't go to Julliard. Its so difficult in there it makes your facial hair pops out.

34 - open your ******* eyes and get a haircut you hippie.

1, we will beat you in Gryffindor next match you Slytherin scum... Just kidding

summerlover23 5

Never mind the fact that robin Williams is so famous lol

mylifesucks_fml 1

He may have facial hair but he also has millions!!!!

For every hair on his face there's a 100$ bill in his stash

CorporalDunn 4

Yeah, never mind the awards and the money. That hairiness has really held Robin Williams back.

I actually think Robin Williams pulls off the whole "Sigmund Freud" look quite nicely.

you got into Juilliard!! that's my dream! go and make the best of it!!

chloe2114 4

69, I'd like to see you try! :) xxx

littlecuntcats 6

Wow. You have to be the talented of the talented to get in! Good luck!

tehaustiebear 34

It's pretty saddening to read this FML again. Rest in peace Robin Williams.

Your mother is retarded. Go anyways. And congrats!

Yeah OP congrats that's ******* amazing!!!

Yeah OP congrats that's ******* amazing!!!

MarisaCB 16

I agree, that's ridiculous. Ignore her & have a wonderful time!

SecretMe00 5

I'm not even sure how it relates to your acceptance. Kind of ridiculous of her. Congratulations though! Making a better future for yourself. Wish you the best of luck.

What an idiot. Robin Williams doesn't have too much facial hair.

xoconnie 8

I hope you find a way to go. Break a leg!

Breaking a leg would be counterproductive to life.

Bonzer 2

120- If he was truly stupid enough to not know that saying, he wouldn't know the meaning of "counterproductive."

That........ What? That can't possibly be the entire story.

egc573 40

Yeah, this is weird. It's like she's the opposite of those parents who are hellbent on getting their child into an Ivy League, nothing less. There are plenty of people who would be psyched about their kids getting in there. Congratulations, though, OP. That's one heck of a hard school to get into.

alicexo_fml 8

She's probably just being unreasonable initially because she has issues about 'losing her baby.' I'm sure she will come around eventually and if not, OP is going anyway and she can get over it

That's a hairy si-- *gets hit with a tomahawk*

tylersign 11

Stop playing Black Ops and finish your sentence.

RedPillSucks 31

Actually, he got an arrow to the knee.

Obviously you can't read. He got hit with a tomahawk... Idk where you read arrow to the knee...

nattynatters 14

Also, he's not playing black ops. He's playing assassins creed.

SystemofaBlink41 27

5- your username! is your heart filled with rainbows?

Bonzer 2

A hairy what? Sink? Sickness? Sign? Stop me if im right.

Congrats! Don't always have to listen to mom. Just don't grow too much facial hair and she should be fine..

ChefPhilly 13

I don't see how OP being female would keep her from having facial hair.

Don't let your mom hold you back from your dreams(:

It's probably because Jilliard is expensive as f***.

RedPillSucks 31

What? Expensive schools cause facial hair? Guess my daughter is going to community college.

xd3box 4

I think he means the mom made up a retarded excuse to avoid saying that.

What I've heard is schools like Yale, Harvard, etc. actually practically won't let you not come because of expenses. There are so many scholarships out there for the middle or lower class family with an intelligent child it's ridiculous. People that attend those schools have so many resources they can call on. At least that's what I've heard, seeing as I have yet to attend one.

I don't know about Julliard specifically, but I do know that Harvard doesn't offer ANY scholarships to incoming freshmen. I suppose it's like a one year test to see if they can make it.

Perhaps I should clarify: There are funds out there for people like you. Regardless of whether or not they are offered through the school.

Bonzer 2

******* doesn't cost that much money...

63- you totally got that right. How anyone didn't get what I was saying is beyond me.

23lf 16

Juilliard tuition cost 36,920 for one year of schooling. That's ALOT of money

BaconForMoi 14

That's a lot, yes, but it's not as expensive as some other schools. Considering its New York, thats good. TCU, in Texas, costs 60k a year thats double Julliard.

I didnt know julliard taught people how to grow facial hair

afunnyterdcody 5

Ha my girlfriend goes there its pretty prestige to be accepted there good job OP

lovelyspyder 7

Hope she doesn't grow too much facial hair...