By sickened - 21/09/2014 18:23 - United Kingdom - Gateshead

Today, I had a garage sale, and had amongst my clothing a few sets of underwear. A old man came up and asked to buy all of them. I'm so poor, I couldn't say no to the pervert. FML
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Why would you say no? Everyone has their fetishes, let him be.

Who the hell sells used underwear ?


This is one of the most poorly written FML's that I've ever read.

I know I was thinking that too. Don't the people who decide what gets published on FML have the power to edit FMLs before it gets published?

At least she got the "too" part right?

Why would you say no? Everyone has their fetishes, let him be.

Who the hell sells used underwear ?

#46: Apparently not urdirtyolduncle, which is weird because my dirty old uncle definitely would have.

exactly what i was gonna say

This FML reminds me of that episode of Orange is the New Black where that predator asks for her panties

I use to be a cam girl and sold used underwear for a while. Pay 5 bucks for a pack of 3 and sell them for 30 bucks a piece. Not bad money.

Cam girl? So you're one of those random windows that pop-up when I'm watching...

Was, not any more. :] I was with StreamMate so I showed up on RedTube a lot.

Kinda curious as to what you do now, if it's not too much to ask.

Maybe they were a gift for his younger lover maybe. probably not

#95: The lesson I'm taking from this conversation is that you're probably quite attractive. "How's it going, babe? I'm doctorhook86, what's your name? We should get together for a drink sometime. What's your number?"

Are u the old man?

@97 I am a Book Keeper for a store, thinking of going back to it for some cash on the side but I haven't decided yet. @109 Lol, I like to think I am and I am sorry my wonderful admirer but I am happily married.

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If anything it emphasises how desperate OP must be for money in a very real way

Did OP really think someone would buy used undies to wear them? They are not that expensive...When you sell used underwear you can expect at least 90% of your customers to be underwear fetishists.

Who besides pervs walks down the street looking to buy used women's underwear?

#49: Dude probably didn't go looking for that opportunity, he just took it when it arose.

there is a market out there for them Japan has used panty vending machines

She probably did not thoroughly check thru her clothes before selling

@54 I meant why would OP sell the underwear because nobody would go out looking for it on purpose.

As someone who lives in Japan, I can tell you that's a myth. They're actually illegal.

If they're illegal, doesn't that mean someone tried it once??? weird..

I got the impression that OP didn't realise the underwear was in with her clothes? I don't see how she's a pervert in that situation. You can only feel sorry for someone that has to resort to selling their underwear just to make ends meat.

@117 meat and meet are two very different words. Especially when we are talking about underwear and old men.

That's not the only thing that "arose"

That's gross. Get a job

Hmm. Maybe they're trying to get one? Think of that?

or op has one but its not enough

Or, OP has a job, but like a lot of people, made some bad choices with spending and is now in debt enough to justify having to sell a lot of stuff. Including underwear.

Or maybe OP got injured/sick and is struggling to pay medical bills. Don't judge until you know the whole story.

It's from the UK, I swear they get free health care.

Why does op have to be having money troubles to have a garage sale? Ever think they just wanted to get rid of some stuff and make some extra cash?

Wow I'm dumb. Please excuse my previous comment.

if you're 18 years of age and under, which I assume op is not.

Yes totally free healthcare in the uk.

It's not free, we pay for it with taxes!

what ever happened to coherent writing

Was this one of those attempts to get into the Worst of the Worst that accidentally got passed, or were the mods too tired to care?

If you don't like who's buying your stuff for whatever reasons they have, then don't sell it. Honestly, I could be okay with a lot of things from yard sales, but underwear is just too personal of an item for me to be buying or selling at a yard sale.

With this economy, I could see myself sparing some old underwear for a few extra bucks. Forget about dignity.

Yeah I've bought some used underwear. Didn't have the money for new and it was clean looking and I saved like 80/90%.

They deleted my top comment. Why? Because it's true? Poor writing doesn't make up for anything.

So, question: If you weren't comfortable someone buying them, why did you put them out to be sold?

Well it would be ok if it was a woman who bought em. My mom once tried selling hers, expecting a woman, but instead a transsexual wanted them, it was akward.

Because trans women aren't women?

Nope transsexuals are transsexuals.

she might have wanted a girl to buy them

Maybe she was drying them off

I would ask "Who the fuck buys used underwear?" but I think you just answered that question.

Why would you sell used underwear on the first place? That's a little gross to me.

To make some bucks. I would have instantly jacked up the price