By PentiumBawls8 - 20/01/2010 22:38 - United States

Today, while at my job, I walked past one of my colleagues who has been sick for the past couple of days. She knows that I'm a tea drinker and asked me for a tea bag. While conversing with her, I handed her one and left. I then later realized that I gave her a condom. FML
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wait she wanted you to "T-Bag" her and u just gve her a condom LOL

hillarious, not FYL. JUst highly amusing


hillarious, not FYL. JUst highly amusing

She probably thought you were trying to give her a hint. WIN

aaahhaa! ieepp

Tea bag and condom in one FML? AWESOME!

Did she say yes?

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It would be hilarious if she opened it and pulled it out before realizing.

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wait she wanted you to "T-Bag" her and u just gve her a condom LOL

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That's awesome(:

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good golly miss Molly !!!!!!

not fyl but really funny...i like the fact that it was later you relised..i like the idea that you were in the moment, just about to need the condom and pull out a tea bag instead with some sort of comic 'ooo no' moment

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I like this!!! lol.

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that's gona be some funky ass tasting tea that ladys gona be makin

dude that's so funny! be more careful though. ydi

better apologize before she reports you to HR.