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Today, I had my first open job interview, which is when a group of applicants are interviewed together. I also found out that despite being great at one-on-one interviews, I will panic and make myself look like a complete moron when I'm part of a group. FML
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"He panicked, he's the one we want." Imagine?


Ah, two lovely, creative, well-thought out comments are so fortunately on top. So sad to see a decline in originality and humor recently.

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Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses OP. You'll get 'em next time!

"I work well with others. .. as long as they leave me the fck alone" :')

I keep this in the footer of my resume.

Redoxx_fml 22

"He panicked, he's the one we want." Imagine?

I've interviewed people and I have to say, the most terrified ones are the ones we usually go for. If they can cry, even better.

as a UK graduate applying to grad schemes right now, i feel your fear dude, assessment centres are currently the bane of my existence. Just tell yourself "I will never see these people again after this" and just be really open and eager to answer! also standing in a confident stance helps you build confidence, something about the release of hormones. Don't stop trying, op! Something's out there for you!

Lucky for you most interviews are one on one!

I can understand the anxiety when it comes to group interviews. When I last participated in one, I heard the other applicants about their skills and experience. And, when comparing them to my own, I felt like I wouldn't get myself through to the interviewer. But, I can get the reasoning behind these group things. It's best to practice these scenarios with friends and family before the real thing happens. Best of luck to your future opportunities. c:

So you didn't get this job, it gives you something to work on before your next interview.

Just pretend they're not there and answer as fast as you can with good responses. Good luck next time tho.