By meesmees - 23/11/2013 10:48 - United States - Severna Park

Today, I ended up talking to a homeless man and bought him a meal. In return, he hugged me and groped my ass. FML
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Looks like he got dessert with that meal.

The ass grope. By definition the best way to thank someone.


Looks like he got dessert with that meal.

A piece of ass cake

A piece of dildo soup

11 and 23 wha... wha... what? And why?

Don't ask, Mr. Sassypants..

11 & 23 the sheer stupidity of your comments gave me a headache.

23- Pray tell, how do you have a piece of soup?

Dildo soup, no less.

(Zoidberg voice) What's this? Two meals in one week?

I could not find a more perfect comment

Looks like you gave him more than a meal ;)

A meal and a feel! "Do you want the combo?" "Yes… yeeessss…"

better something than nothing I guess

I'll take the nothing thanks.

He got a little bit of dessert, eh?

Wow Many down votes Much sadness.

Am I the only one who understands that if you say something out of context its not funny?

#47 When doing "doge speak" Wow ALWAYS comes last :P

Many downvotes Much sadness Wow ;D there

Fuck, someone posted right before me as I was still typing and I just now saw it. Oops.

The ass grope. By definition the best way to thank someone.

That's what I'm saying!.... I am not holding up in court so well, however.

It's the thought that counts!

I don't understand what everyone's problem with homeless people grabbing their ass is about. I go around grabbing homeless people's asses all the time. They never complain about it!

Omg you just won the internet #51

Homeless guy got two birds with one stone. A meal and a couple of butt squeezes.

You made his day, so he was simply trying to make yours better!

Does that qualify as a date?

No good deed goes unpunished.