By Brittany - 23/12/2012 02:33 - United States

Today, a guy professed his love for me in front of my friends. The guy is my first cousin. FML
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StalkerChick 13

Please don't be from the South. We get enough crap about this...

I bet the family reunions get just a bit awkward after that eh?


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Only if it's her first cousin, seth mosakowski. It's okay though, cuz you have your cousins, and then you have your first cousins, and then you have your second cousins

Everyone grab your shovels quickly and bury this comment

This FML reminds me of one where OP is having sex with her boyfriend and her boyfriend shouted "Oh yes Brittany!" could it be the same Brittany? :O

All this wincest stuff is so old. Also don't worry OP, plenty of us have THAT creepy cousin

This reminds me of a SAO episode where Suguha confesses their love to Kirito, her first cousin.

wtf is SAO? any show with a character named sugar who insists upon spelling it suguha is not worth watching in my opinion.

-129 don't use abbreviations when talking about TV shows because nobody is going to know what the hell you're trying to say unless they're a fan, or it's a very popular TV show (and some people still won't know what you're talking about). Don't be lazy, it's only three words. Type them out.

It's actually abbreviated when mentioned during the actual series. It's called Sword Art Online, which is where my profile pic comes from

That looks like a terrible show... Hentai = fail. Unknown hentai = horrible crash and burn fail

There is a difference between hentai and anime. Sword Art Online is the most amazing anime ever.

Yeah, hentai is ****....and there are a lot of good anime out there in my opinion, but if you disagree, well, I honestly don't care :/

Incest is the best! Put your sister to the test!

Why are people so against SAO and anime? SAO isn't hentai, Its an action anime, its a really good one too. :/

By the way in some cultures marrying your first cousin is acceptable

aaaaaaand keep digging. Might as well bury this one too.

Unlike a dead body, it only takes a click to 'un-dig'. Chill.

Fun fact: Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein both married their cousins.

While it's weird no matter how you put it, it's only dangerous if you're related by blood.

Edgar Allan Poe married his 13 year old cousin (first I might add)

poe had some serious shit wrong with him that gave us some of the best liturature ever some how. I do not wish to follow in his footsteps, no matter how talented they were

147- You'll find that most literary and artistic geniuses had some serious shit wrong with them.

36 , i am just saying that it might look crazy in her eyes, but there are people who find this normal.

I bet the family reunions get just a bit awkward after that eh?

csickcman 11

I figured it would be most awkward after she had sex with him which is what spurred these feelings to begin with. Wincest!

Where the hell in this FML does it say she had sex with him?

StalkerChick 13

Please don't be from the South. We get enough crap about this...

The south gets crap about it, but there are idiots who partake in this in every state. There are still idiots in the north.

LuckBeNimble 19

that may be 54, but you'll never catch an incest comment that reads anything other than Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and a few others. no offense to the South though, I feel ya.

If she is from the north, she's from Maine.

#125 I do hear Maine is the Louisiana of the north.

southernbelle_rn 16

128: So, could you further elaborate about Louisiana? When we think about incest, we think of Arkansas, Alabama, parts of Texas, the Carolinas, West Virginia, or Georgia.

I don't know who "we" is but lousiana is difinitely up there on the incest charts as top 3 in mine own head...I like talking like a dwarf

You boys can use compooters? Well I'll be darned

Tell him you have a boyfriend or that he's not your type if neither of those work be blunt and tell him how weird that is.

What do you know? You're just a turkey sand which! *noms*

Why let him down easy when it's incest? So much easier to do what #41 said and say that you're cousins!

He's your first cousin so it's no big deal. You have your cousins, then your first cousins, then so on. Is he, by chance, a good kisser?

StalkerChick 13

Umm no. Your aunt/uncle's kids are your first cousin..

*crosses fingers* Please be a Mean Girls reference >.

I don't think you get it. Your first cousin IS your regular closest cousin. Aka, horrible illegal and creeeepy. But, incest is WINcest right?

He is both good in bed and in kissing, but OP never thought he would propose. Now, she's surprised.

It's from Mean Girls. I'm disappointed that wasn't conveyed properly.

18 - thank you for enlightening us with your vast array of knowledge.

One day Pradip will make a hilarious comment and the thumbs will be in the positive. Then he will die a happy man. True story

81 - Stop saying fetch, Gretchen! Fetch is not going to happen!

#7 wtf u saying? ur even dumber than the cusin.... he's first cusin is indeed a first cusin..... there's no cusin before that hence the word first .... WOW

Your all stupid it was a mean girls reference idiots

AndOtherDrugs 5

It's the 21st century, OP. Love is love.

AndOtherDrugs 5

May want to make it more obvious, next time. (i.e. "NOT")

Woah. You should tell him that's just plain out scary and you just see him as family.

And people say getting friendzoned is bad. This guy just got familyzoned

Aw C'mon Maybe, George Michael isn't so bad. At least he's not a chicken anyway! *does Gob's chicken dance*