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  OriginalimoaN  |  15

Only if it's her first cousin, seth mosakowski. It's okay though, cuz you have your cousins, and then you have your first cousins, and then you have your second cousins

  GothicAngel17  |  24

-129 don't use abbreviations when talking about TV shows because nobody is going to know what the hell you're trying to say unless they're a fan, or it's a very popular TV show (and some people still won't know what you're talking about). Don't be lazy, it's only three words. Type them out.

  sens3sfailing  |  24

poe had some serious shit wrong with him that gave us some of the best liturature ever some how. I do not wish to follow in his footsteps, no matter how talented they were

  LuckBeNimble  |  19

that may be 54, but you'll never catch an incest comment that reads anything other than Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and a few others.

no offense to the South though, I feel ya.

  helen29  |  4

#7 wtf u saying? ur even dumber than the cusin.... he's first cusin is indeed a first cusin..... there's no cusin before that hence the word first .... WOW