By Earthboundb - United States
Today, I just got back from a Civil War Reenactment in Virginia, my first big event in years. I spent over $200 on gas and food, and had to drive for over 10 hours both ways from Massachusetts. When I finally got there I realized, I had left my uniform at home. FML
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By  nomadxx7  |  0

To the people picking on him because he re-enacts the Civil War, wtf is wrong with you? Some of that stuff is pretty hardcore. Couple of my friends did that Roman Gladiators type stuff and they showed me pictures of an event where some guy got his arm broke by a 12 lb longblade and another where the guy was knocked out when some guy twirling a mace hit him in the face.

By  sealgair  |  0

You could have participated as "Private Parts, from the 7th Vermont Nudist Regulars"

It'd be one way to beat the heat, those wool uniforms seem really hot.