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By  WhoopsIDidItAgain  |  10

OP here, I live in a small community, where I am related to quite a few people. The two men I'm referring to are from a different part of the community, where I'm not related to as many. However, after a geneology project for school, I'm related to both of them, which sucks because they are both wonderful people. And no, I am a full day's drive north of Alabama and I met them at school

  Chazzster  |  20

I assume you know all your first cousins (children of your Aunts and Uncles). Anyone more distant than a first cousin is fair game, so I wouldn’t worry about second cousins, etc.

My family was from a small community. It turned out that my Mom’s mother’s family is also related to my Dad’s Sister’s husband’s family. Nobody thought anything bad about that since it was all by marriage. In small and rural communities the gene pool isn’t very deep but it does tend to have a few twists...