WTF dude?

By 4evalone - 22/04/2016 18:06 - United States

Today, the man I love, who broke my heart by leaving me a few months ago, showed up to a family event and pulled off the most elaborate, romantic proposal I've ever seen. He was proposing to my cousin. FML
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I would have beat his ass to a pulp. That is so disrespectful. I'm so sorry.

I have no words for how ****** up that is


I have no words for how ****** up that is

I have several words, none of which are suitable to be typed though.

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That does suck. But at least now you know that he wasn't the right person for you. You deserve better. Sorry OP! :(

I wanna know how the proposal was done...

I would have beat his ass to a pulp. That is so disrespectful. I'm so sorry.

The family should have beat his ass to a pulp.

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They're saying that because of how he humiliated OP by doing this at a family event, in front of her and her whole family, which is spiteful, disgusting and downright cruel.

53, I like how you've managed to drag sexism into this. It wasn't the fact that he proposed. It was the fact he did it at a family event, knowing OP would be there to watch and (probably) knowing OP is still in love with him. So yeah, that's pretty ******* disrespectful. And I would gladly slap the shit out of him for being that insensitive.

I'm assuming a lot here but I would think there is a possibility that he was cheating on OP whilst they were together, because proposing to someone after a few months (assuming he got with the cousin straight after breakup with OP) seems very soon to me personally.

Reading all their other replies I'm starting to wonder if #53 is the proposing douchebag...

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Sorry that he stopped loving you and feel for someone else no reason to beat the shit out of him

Even if he was cheating on op with her cousin, I still wouldn't believe that the appropriate response is to attack him. She was not being assaulted by him and he shouldn't be assaulted by her or her family members. No matter how douchey anyone thinks that he is.

The point that he was making was that it's a HE. If HE were a SHE you females wouldn't be saying "beat her ass to a pulp"

Wow. I hope for OP's sake that he ends up getting his heart broke. Even if it makes me a horrible person.

I agree Hope OP's cousin gave him a nice rejection

Maybe he just didn't love her. He doesn't have to stay in a relationship with op even if she loves him.

Doesn't give him the right to humiliate OP publicly, in front of her whole family.

That really depends. Maybe OP only dated him for a couple days, weeks, or even months and he didn't think anything of it, but OP was super attached. We don't know this whole scenario, so to say he's a horrible person is very unwarranted.

He shouldn't have to hide his love for her cousin just because op and him had a thing.

I'm so sorry op, that's really messed. Did your cousin even tell you about their relationship???

If it was within 4 months, chances are it was going on behind your back unfortunately. You have a terrible cousin, sorry to hear OP

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How on earth can the bastard still be alive? He's got balls, though. Hopefully you broke the those OP.

My thoughts exactly. I would hex them both!

A hit to the balls would be a very extreme overreaction and it could lead to Op being arrested.