By Brandee - 05/03/2010 01:39 - Canada

Today, a guy commented on a picture of my boyfriend and I kissing on facebook, and said to please stop 'testing' him. He also messaged me saying how he wishes he could get a girlfriend like me, that I'm gorgeous, and that he wants to go out with me. I'm his cousin. FML
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sugarbabyxoxo 2

nothin says lovin like ****** your own cousin! (jk obviously ahahah)

haha well there's nothin like family lovin' totally kiddin. even tho that's gross, it's funny as hell. lol

Plasmolyze 0

maybe his facebook is hacked and the hacker probably doing this as a joke?

if you can't keep it in your pants, keep it I. your family!! wooo lol

No go for it OP, nothing wrong can come from this, aside from another George Bush, or that kid from Harold and Kumar escape Guantanamo Bay. Other than that you have the green light to go

advent2060 4

lol awesome comment #9 I say go for it everything is worth trying once lol jkjk

Who would have thought you could get hill billies in Canada


hey, nothing wrong with 12 toed babies, you just have to think up another errand for the last little piggy...

Incest. A game the whole family can play. You know what they say. Incest is best, put your cousin to the test!

LOL they live in Canada.. HOW can they be rednecks they are northeners.

killerviral 0

WTF I hate it when ppl hit on other ppl girlfriends damn rednecks

sugarbabyxoxo 2

@61, seriously there is so Manu rednecks here it's unreal. me being from a hicktown I would know. stop listening to stereo types! lol

@61 the most redneck people I know are Canadian. Have you ever been to the rural areas of Canada?

It's very clear that the OP is a *****!

intolerance 0

wow do u not know how to add? or do u only have 9 toes?

zac12345 0

Red necks? In Japan cousins marry often.

Hell yeah are there hicks in Canada! I know some myself. (Yes, a Texan redneck with hick friends all over the WORLD!) I just have to wonder, how do they cope with the more stringent gun control up there? Can't be a true hick without a good gun!

how is someone from Manitoba a redneck?

something similar happened to me with my cousin Jake when we were about 7. *shudder*

I'm from Canada and seriously not even close to red neck, i mean some places maybe but hardly any, I don't know a single red neck... I always thought red Beja came from texas?

KaylaDesirae 7

she's saying twelve toes because incest makes deformities. so if the kid got one extra toe on each foot, that'll be twelve. dumbass

NzaHaFML 13

That fact that she says he's her cousin, should say enough about the invalidity of your comment.

I just needed to say... *Me and my boyfriend*, not my boyfriend and I. That is all.

You're not even right, it's "my boyfriend and me"

#208, #213 you are both wrong, it's "my boyfriend and I" whenever it's you and someone else you always say "(insert name here) and I"

#214's not. That's a common misconception. Basically remove the other person. If the sentence makes sense with "I", then you use it. If it makes sense with "me", then you use it. My boyfriend and me is correct here. (posted a photo of me) "My boyfriend and I are going to the store" would be correct. (I am going to the store) You can look it up if you don't believe me. It'll take like two minutes.

tinkerbell1357 0

omg... u think that's bad... me and my bro have been seperated all our lives and when I met him he told me he wanted to date me!!!

kimmy40000 0

Incest is only a word guys. We need to get over words.

blueeyes24 0

Is he at least your 2nd cousin? that's okay in some states.... jk gross

if you're first cousins, you i think you can get married but defenetly NOT have kids, as they might come out with and extra arm or other disgusting deformations. if you're second cousins, i think you're ok.

Only state that allows first cousins to marry is Utah, and that is only when both of them are over 65.... Good ol' Mormons, pushing the envelope!

It's okay in some states... To bad the OP is from Canada.

Incest related deformities continue until third cousins. So just to be safe...

You're an idiot and don't understand genetics. Having children with close relations means that if there are recessive genetic diseases, deformities, or any kind of abnormalities that are not common in the general population, you have a much higher chance of having a child with those problems than if you married someone in the general population. It does not, however, mean that a child of close relations will automatically be born diseased or with 3 arms, etc. In fact, children of close relations have and can come out perfectly normal. There is just a higher chance that they will not compared to having children with someone genetically different from you.


incests the best. put your cousin to the test!!!! hahaha jk

niibee 0

jeez i could almost relate just switch cousin with xboyfriend but that is disturbing half or full c0usins?

imdeborah 0

are you guys blood-related? just because someone likes their cousin doesn't mean that they're blood...

I take it you like a non-blood related cousin?

How is it possible to have a non-blood related cousin? The only way I see it is if your blood-related aunt/uncle have a step son/daughter but then wouldn't they just be 'uncle's step son' for example? And not actually your cousin?

Mads_1234 28

198 - I have cousins through marriage. My stepmom has nieces and nephews so they aren't blood. They are my "step cousins"

Nothing wrong with Kissin Cousins is there? (Beside the moral standpoint I mean!)

the_boob 0

doesn't really matter, a cousin's a cousin, blood-related or not. it's pretty ******* gross.

They live in canada, not the south you ******* halfwit