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Today, I woke up to a guy outside my house, who wanted to give me flowers and take me out on a date. Aside from it all being pretty fucking creepy anyway, the guy is my not quite right in the head second cousin, who's apparently now head-over-heels in love with me. FML
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You idiot. I'm from Arkansas and I have never met anyone that in incest. The same Goes for all of the states mentioned, though the original comment is obviously a joke and not really offensive. Let's just stop stereotyping.

  riax  |  9

Agreed, tassie. apparently the first settlers bred through incest and now there are some crazy hill billies in the woods near the old mines :/

  bengermin  |  5

Can we all just make fun of Mississippi like we southerners always do? If it weren't for Mississippi, my state (Alabama) would be the worst in a lot of categories.

  Tylerdre  |  6

140- just watch the movie dying breed preety messed up movie about tasmania but also funny at the same time xD my friend showed me the movie and hes from tasmania xD

  sonotyourlady  |  1

Well OP here, (I know the name is diff) I thought that you might want to know that this didn't take place in Texas. But it's interesting to see that location is such a huge deal. lol

  PrimeEvilTahir  |  23

Pro - chances are you know your cousin more in depth than a girl/boy friend who you've know for a few years.
You can also safely guess that they will fit in with the family (heck they are family o.O)
Parents will get along

Cons - you can get 'not so right in the head' children.
It's like marrying your own brother / sister. Gross is an understatement.

  PrimeEvilTahir  |  23

Depends on the level of inbreeding. If it has happened for generations (as in OP's parents were cousins and so were her cousin's parents) then you can get abnormal children.

I say this from looking at a lot of cases of cousin marriage in my country (it's quite common here). I'm not saying that you always get abnormal children but the risks are high!

  doctorhook86  |  24

49 - Fun fact: Around the world and throughout history, marrying cousins is pretty common; probably everyone posting here has an ancestor who married a close relative. Basic genetics also tells us that cousins also have a very low chance of birth defects compared to closer relatives. Hell, even Teddy Roosevelt married his cousin.

Gross but true!


Actually there have been studies done. The risk of genetic illness for a child of two first cousins is no greater than it is for a child of two random people taken from the general population. Where you start to have problems is in isolated communities where there's lots of inbreeding. The royal houses of Europe were notorious for this, as were certain geographically-isolated communities in the United States.

Cousin marriages are legal in most of Europe. In the Western world, it's only in the United States where people get all weird about it. At present, slightly more than half of US states ban marriage between first cousins. The laws against cousin marriages in the United States arose around the turn of the 20th century, when people started to get obsessed by ideas about eugenics and racial purity. Most of those ideas were discredited by subsequent scientific discoveries, changing social attitudes, and the events of the Second World War, but the ban on cousin marriages endures.

That said, despite the lack of scientific evidence in favor of a ban, I still think it's icky. And being the object of unwanted affection from anyone who's not quite right in the head, and apparently lacking in social skills, would weird anybody out. Good luck, OP. :-/


I really don't see why marrying a close cousin is so bad to people! It's not weird in any way! I mean, you're closer to them than anyone else, you're family, you can be...uhh... I got nothing, it's pretty weird...

  jizzwold  |  21

Unless there is already a history of inbreeding you could have a child with a sibling with an increased chance of abnormalities at about
3-5% which really isn't that high. You can make many points about why it is gross or wrong but the problems with inbreeding take generations to become a serious problem.

  aljen90  |  2

in Hawaii it's allowed because families that has been here for several generations don't go far from each other, and you don't know if who you're marrying could be your very distant relative.

By  Viciousstorms  |  7

That's creepier than when Peter Griffin had birds nesting in his beard. But no, OP good luck with handling this situation. Just keep in mind he's "not so right in the head" and hopefully it will pass through. keep an eye on him though.

  BunchieRules  |  31

106 - The way I see it, the term "mental" just refers to the mind itself, and doesn't always mean "crazy". To say mental hospital is not calling the patients crazy; it means "hospital for the mind". So it's better than saying "crazy house" or "insane asylum".

  Snackycake  |  20

Psychiatric hospital, mental hospital, insane asylum, nut house, the place were"The nice men in the white coats will show you to your room and give you ice cream", anyway you put it it's about the same place.You got mental problems, they fix them....more or less.

  lifesaventure  |  7

I find nothing wrong with the phrase mental hospital and my best friend was in one. Political correctness has gone WAY overboard in my mind. And insane asylum isn't wrong. People are still "insane" we use the term "criminally insane" all of the time. And asylum is just a word for guarded shelter like orphan asylums are an old word for orphanages.