By petpeeeve - 11/03/2009 02:53 - United States

Today, my boyfriend and I had sex for the first time in our relationship and it was great. He drove me back to my house and walked me to the door, then instead of kissing me goodbye he patted me on the back. Twice. FML
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Wow lmao, that must feel terrible. (Hey, I remember I checked "Yes" to this FML while moderating!)


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so at least you had sex. better than nothing!!

You had sex and then are upset cause a patted you on the back instead of kissing you? OP, u are quite odd

you say it was the first time having sex with him in your relationship, does that mean you've already had sex OUTSIDE your relationship?

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Twice? Wow, that makes a difference! Thank goodness he didn't pat your back ONCE!

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that sucks sweetheart. FYL, but I feel like every fml I read that I legitimately think that there was a serious dick move involved I feel like it's from florida. do y'all just breed assholes there?

Wow lmao, that must feel terrible. (Hey, I remember I checked "Yes" to this FML while moderating!)

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thats a bad sign... hope the sex was good for him... heh

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Ok...that's not really an FML. He patted you on the back, big ****** deal.

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Oh diddums. You got to have sex with a guy you like and he patted you on the back. What shall we do?! World is over! Don't read to deep. I'm bored of these soppy "love" fmylife stories.

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Matty I'm thinking you may NOT know...

Sorry Matty, they can't all be about super hot lesbians/ sock puppets or whatever the hell you consider a good FML.

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maybe the sex was only "great" for one of ya's... i mean at least he took your "sad ass" home instead of calling you a cab and letting them do the dirty work.. theres worse things in the world.. think your just being a bit dramatic