By petpeeeve - / Wednesday 11 March 2009 02:53 / United States
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  Pg11  |  0

you say it was the first time having sex with him in your relationship, does that mean you've already had sex OUTSIDE your relationship?


that sucks sweetheart. FYL, but I feel like every fml I read that I legitimately think that there was a serious dick move involved I feel like it's from florida. do y'all just breed assholes there?

By  Mattyknows  |  0

Oh diddums.

You got to have sex with a guy you like and he patted you on the back.

What shall we do?! World is over!

Don't read to deep.

I'm bored of these soppy "love" fmylife stories.

By  meanbeech  |  0

maybe the sex was only "great" for one of ya's... i mean at least he took your "sad ass" home instead of calling you a cab and letting them do the dirty work.. theres worse things in the world.. think your just being a bit dramatic