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Today, a guy who I have known for a long time confessed his love to me. It would have been sweet except that he will become my stepbrother in 3 days. FML
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Well there's technically nothing wrong with it.

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I've been there. I dated my moms fiancées son for 8 months. My mom and him ended up splitting up later so we were never related but most people still thought it was wrong, but he was gorgeous and we weren't raised as siblings so we didn't care :)


Well there's technically nothing wrong with it.

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If you get married before your parents, they might reconsider!

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WTF whenever I refresh this it ether changes to the one about hot fudge or this one weird

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it may be a little hard you you to comprehend 54, but 14's comment makes perfect sense

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wait how does that make any sense 14???

Nuns = sisters in Christ, so the joke is that his grandmother is his sister but... you know what? forget it...

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I definitely don't think it's wired, cause I had that same problem and now my parents are married and it just feels awkward, but I would totally go for it if I was you while you still have the chance or else you'll loose it like me.

I married my stepbrother. We have four kids and no problems.

isn't that what a husband is? a brother in law! That's why we have moms&dads-in law!! makes sense to me. Oh well op just tell him no thanks(:

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would be really awkward if you ever split up...

If you're not blood related it's not wrong.

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But if they dated and broke up imagine the awkwardness.

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Op watch the chinese series called "Devil Beside You" its exactly what u r going through! They love each other but they will be step bro and sis.. But they fought for it

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and since they'd be in the same house itd be easier to have sex!

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#46: No, they will have two of each, just because the parents remarry doesn't mean that the biological father/mother disappears...

To the both of you - It's illegal in some areas while it's perfectly legal provided there is no blood relation in other areas.

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lol! you'd still be aunt and uncle if you got together or not, so go for it!

yup. at least ul always be able to see him

and it's convenient in that your children will have one set of grandparents to visit in the trailer park

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why do they have to live in a trailor park?? besides what's wrong with trailer parks?

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it's not incest if you aren't blood. stupid.

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Hey KylesGirl52, since when has 'blood' meant anything? You mean 'related by blood'? Then no, that's not completely true. Incest is sexual relations between members of a family. You can't say step-brothers and step-sisters are an exception, because they are family too. Your personal beliefs don't make incest any more right or wrong.

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they would only be related by marriage so it's not like it would be wrong or anything. I think your point would be better proven if they were half brother / sister.

Hey Privations - My wife and I are in the same family and we have sex. Incest? Ummm, I don't think so. Incest is sex between biologically related individuals. Closeness of biological relationship may be a question as to whether or not it's incest, but marriage does not create a new pool of potential incest participants.

I just had a quick look on teh interwebz (yeah, I know - checking facts, call me crazy) and in some US states, sex between step-siblings IS classified as incest. In Georgia, where OP is posting from, this is not the case though, so there's no legal barrier to the relationship.

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Wow, there are states who classify relationships between step-siblings as incest? I always though incest is forbidden because of the possibility that the children may be disabled if the parents are blood related. Why should two people who aren't blood-related at all not be able to have a relationship, just because their parents married?

Uh yeah, I'm perfectly aware of that, I have step-siblings. So get your facts right, before you call me stupid, honey, is that clear, or would you like me to type in smaller words?

Dont dare give me a sarcastic comment either, you don't know who you're messing with. K?

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when the hell did I say that? pschh different fml, sweetie. I don't deserve this after making a joke :3

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Ninja. So, who ARE we messing with? trolololololol

a ninja! obvs xD haha let's just say I've left my Mark on a few people.

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Ninja - You're not fooling anyone. Calm the hell down and take a Midol or something. Stop threatening people over FML... no one's going to take you seriously.

haha what ever you say :3 'twas a bad day yesterday, sorry about...all that D: forgive and try and forget? afterall, Tis only Fml

I'm sorry people, I was having a bad day yesterday "/ I know I shouldn't have dumped my shit all over fml. Sowwie :3

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thank you for saying this.

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OP is from Georgia. This shouldn't be too out of the ordinary there...

go to Vegas, get married before then. problem solved