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Today, a girl with a picture of One Direction as her desktop asked if I wanted to partner with her on a 70% law assignment. Two hours after saying no, I found out that she's a legal genius with a guaranteed job in the field and a near perfect GPA. FML
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boxbrandon11 20

Why would you say no because of their computer background?


boxbrandon11 20

Why would you say no because of their computer background?

I wouldn't even have noticed the background. I just would've asked what grade she was going for, and if it were the same or better than my goal, I would have said yes. The only thing that sucks if you want to ace a class and you are partnered with someone who just wants a passing grade.

Because some people are judgmental as hell.

thatguy240 27

95, since I live in a time and place where I can control the media I consume, I have no idea who they are and what they look like. All I know (via the internet) is that they are supposedly an awful boy band. Since I'm too old for bands like that I never felt like investigating.

#114 in other words you live under a rock, but you know about FML though lol

Although I probably would have done the same thing, it goes to show that we really shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. Try not to beat yourself up over it(:

It's not even the fact that he judged her by the picture. It seems that he is in law school, right? To get into law school, one must be at least reasonably smart. Therefore, anyone that you work with should be competent enough to finish a project.

Unfortunately being somewhat smart isn't really required, sometimes all it takes is lots of daddy's money...

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Pretty much what 101 said. A lot of schools let people in who aren't very qualified and just give them a crap financial aid package so they have to either take out loans to pay or pay completely out of pocket.

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Don't judge a book by it's cover

I never judge a book by it is cover.

#40 it is "it's". #4 had spelt everything correct.

No, the word is "its" because with the apostrophe, it would mean she said "don't judge a book by [it is] cover" ..

I thought it was safe to assume it was a laptop. If OP was close enough friends with their classmate to be in her place of residence and see her PC, OP would likely know that she's a genius and wouldn't have said no to being partners.

Many people no longer have PC's, and use a laptop in place of one.

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there is being a music snob and then there is one direction. come on now.

That's what you get. Judgemental ass. I hope you fail.

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If you are one of the people claiming it's "not music", then yes. It drives me insane to hear that, especially from any artist. They aren't your thing, okay, but are you really saying you can decide what's music and what isn't?

Any song that is more than 50% computer generated is not real music in my opinion, but I'm no expert and people can like what they want.

#32 You really decided my answer before I said anything. I didn't say anything about my opinions about music.

Then why would you not want to work with a 'directioner'? The only reason I can see is because you are just as judgemental as op, which is sad because art, including music, should be about expressing yourself and being open minded.

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Don't beat yourself up. Just remember not to do it next time and don't jump to conclusion on the intellectual status of people because of a desktop.

YDI next time don't judge a book by its cover

Good job. And I'm not talking to you, I'm talking to karma

I don't think karma has an account, but nice try though...