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Today, I had to go through the embarrassment and pain of telling my parents I was pregnant. I took the test and it came out positive and I was freaking out. I got grounded for the rest of the year and they're really disappointed in me. Five minutes ago, I got my period. FML
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testing_fml 0 Sorry bleeding may be happening even if you are pregnant.


Ouch, at least you can tell them the test lied?



Ouch, at least you can tell them the test lied?

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although u may still be prego

Wouldnt this be a good thing? You're not pregnant!

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yeah but now her parents know she's not a virgin. just go up to them and be like HAHA GOT YA. YOU'VE JUST BEEN PUNK'D.

Wow so many morons here. You CAN be pregnant and get period you undereducated douches -.- @OP - go to the gynecologist FFS, don't believe stupid home tests and periods -.-

It's nearly impossible to get a false positive (says you're pregnant when you're not) so if you ever get a positive result on a home test, you need to see a doctor RIGHT AWAY. My guess? She was pregnant but the pregnancy spontaneously self-terminated, which happens to about 1 in 3 pregnancies in first 3 months.

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thats what u get for not using a condom or at least a pill! YDI

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u may still be pregnant with ongoing menstral cycles. during the first trimester, just do lot of exercise. it'll come out eventually

actually you really can't get your period while your pregnant the bleeding that many women think is a menstrual cycle is actually called breakthrough bleeding if it were a full ongoing menstrual cycle, she could get like double pregnant nonetheless she could be pregnant still, and actually she probably is because the only way to get a false positive on a pregnancy test is to either miscarry, or leave the test sitting too long (well usually)

You can sometimes still have your period if you're pregnant

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NO. You CANNOT... CANNOT get a period while pregnant!!!!! You can bleed, but it is NOT a period... god this drives me crazy when people say this. A period is the shedding of the uterine lining, so if this were to happen during pregnancy, it would be called a MISCARRIAGE. Stop calling people uneducated when you're the one that's uneducated.

You can still have your period when you;re pregnant. It's not THAT uncommon but it may be due to problems, so get it checked out but don;t worry because it can be totally normal and your baby will be fine.

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Actually it is fairly common to get a false positive.

You CAN'T get your period when you're pregnant! You can have some bleeding, but you CAN NOT get your period! Your is the lining of the uterus, which only comes out when you're NOT pregnant! The OP is NOT pregnant.

i find one of the causes of miscarriages hilarious, i mean what about your own immune system killing a fetus because it thinks that you have a parasite isn't funny

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Spot bleeding is entirely possible when a woman is pregnant, although it's lighter and shorter than a period. A false positive may also be a sign of an ovarian cyst. You should ask your gynecologist about PCOS.

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your parents grounded you for being pregnant? 0.0

Not true My Grandmother Had her Period While pregnant.

Oh my I heard YOU SHOULD NOT do strenuious exercizing while pregnant.Like walking is fine,but not alot of exercize you can pull something and really hurt the baby. My friend who was 17 really listened to the doctors.they told her she shouldnt play basketball or anything like that. or lift anything past like 10-20 lbs.Where i used to work sometimes we had to lift things up to 50-60 lbs.(no men worked there).But her aunt wouldnt let her once she got to second trimester.I was watching something on tv a while back about this woman who would lift weights and to crazy work outs while pregnant. Alot of people told her not to do it but she still did nothing happend but she just didnt respect the baby inside her. she only cared about staying in shape.

Neither one is full proof, you idiot. She could have been on BOTH and spermicide. These things still happen. My only advice is, no matter how hard it will be, move out as soon as humanly possible.

I agree with #69, that's the most likely thing that happened. You should tell your parents you think you made a mistake, and take them (or at least your mom) with you to the doctor to make certain.

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its not your period! if your pregnant you dont get your period, you get vaginal bleeding

1 in 3 pregnancies end in first-trimester miscarriages? Where did you hear such a statistic? I've never heard that before... But yeah, you CAN definitely bleed during pregnancy, whether because of a miscarriage or not. You can spot or even bleed like normal in the beginning of a pregnancy. Definitely do go to the clinic. They can find out a lot more than a home test can, such as whether there are problems with the pregnancy at this point, etc. You'll need prenatal vitamins and stuff too, so definitely go to the clinic. Ignore any religious zealots ranting about abortion (I didn't read all 158 comments but I saw at least one while skimming through). If you choose abortion, it's your choice. It's not the most ideal choice most of the time, it's not something people LIKE to do, but every situation is different, and a bunch of people online - half of whom are trolls - don't know your situation in full. Talk to your doctor, family, etc, before making decisions like that. I hope your parents can be more supportive than they were initially.

This is true, but the 'bleeding' can be thought to be a period.

Acctually there are a number of things that could cause a false positive on a home pregnancy test. The only one's that don't get false positives are blood pregnancy tests from the hospital. Not trying to be rude but it's true. Do some research.

exactly. you can still get your period and spotting when you're pregnant. there's almost no chance that a home pregnancy test would give you a false positive. go to the gyno fool.

actually... you CAN have bleeding that ISN'T a miscarriage and still be pregnant. i am 5 months pregnant and had no idea i was pregnant because i had spot bleeding in the first month and it faked me out. But my baby is very much alive and healthy and i've done a LOT of reading about pregnancy and they all have the same thing and the books are written by doctors so unless you are an OB/GYN or pregnant i would say yes, you ARE uneducated :)

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she never said she didnt use a condom or the pill, its possible taht she became pregnant while using either of them. abstinance is the only think that is 100% effective

YOUR STUPID you don't get your period when your pregnant. just cause blood comes out of a girls cooter doesnt mean shes having her period. jesus

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#187: Homosexuality is also 100% effective, sweetheart.

I am glad someone made a point of this! You almost never get a false positive! She probably either was pregnant and spontaneously aborted, or she is just having implantation bleeding. Note to the OP: GO TO THE OBGYN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You really should see the doctor, you may still be pregnant. And if you are you will need proper prenatal care! It is possible to have bleeding throughout pregnancy.

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shut up dacho you don't know anything.

sometimes people get pregnant even when they use a condom, or the pill. try not to leap to conclusions, eh? ps: everyone's right. see your doctor and have them do a proper test. false positives are very very rare.

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no if you get your period that means your eggs and uterus are being released. if you would get your period while being pregnant that means a undeveloped baby just fell out of you. and you need your uterus to nurture a baby until birth. so get your facts right.

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idiot in early pregnancy you can bleed.

Yes you actually can. Ask a doctor, its uncommon but it can happen.

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Uh, no. Actually you can have uterine bleeding and still be pregnant. You can have monthly discharge that appears to be your period and still be pregnant. And I have known people it happened to -- although the fact that the woman was seriously obese is likely a factor. Long story made short: go see your OBGYN. And if you aren't pregnant (or aren't pregnant any more) then thank God and start talking to your parents.

Perhaps the OP is pregnant and had bleeding, which wasn't a period, but she referred to it as such. It's not as if you can feel your uterus lining breaking down, and be able to tell if it's a period, or just bleeding. Also, calm down.

People need to ge past te idea that period = not pregnant. You can have your period all throught your pregnancy. They're called CONDOMS! and the Pill... and Plan B if you **** both of those up

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she could could be break through bleeding and she thinks it's her period

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Or you can tell them "APRIL FOOLS, I'm a virgin!" :)

most of the time when pregnancy tests are wrong its when the test comes out negative when you really are pregnant, not when its the other way around. either way your parents now know thier "little girl" is not a virgin

Dude, my mom had her period when she was pregnant with me... Stop giving yourself a damned heart attack.

Good one, ********. I'm all for a bit of sarcasm but when it so clearly shows you've never experienced a miscarriage then maybe you should keep your mouth shut. What isn't funny about a retard like you making jokes about someone elses grief & loss? Grow up!

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Yeah if it happened exactly on April 1st that would be convincing...but I highly doubt it

Okay seriously? My mom had full blown PERIODS diagnosed by a DOCTOR with all 3 of her pregnancies. It is UNCOMMON but NORMAL. Back off. Do your damn research.

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You CAN have a period while pregnant. It happens a lot actually. It's normally lighter and resembles spotting or implantation bleeding but it does happen. If you cramp or have extreme pain though it could be a miscarriage.

Can birth control effect a home pregnantcy test?

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You can still get pregnant even when using a pill and/or Condom

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It's hopeless now, she's still going to be grounded because now they know she's not a virgin, and there was a chance of her not using protection. She's ****** either way.

Lmfao, well at least you'll be off your grounding?

I doubt it, because they will probably get mad at her for having sex in the first place

And they'll probably still be disappointed.

testing_fml 0 Sorry bleeding may be happening even if you are pregnant.

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I was gonna say that... To the OP, Next time be smarter about it.

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i was thinking the same thing. may i suggest going to a doctor though. and no matter what your age if you are having sex you NEED to be getting regular checkups (paps) AND be on birth control. sex before marriage is fine just do it the safe way. on a side note, i think her parents were probably more upset that she got pregnant and didnt trust them enough to tell them that she was having sex so they could get her the care (and birth control) she needed. you never know.... her parents could be totally cool.

Not everyone *NEEDS* to be on birth control. I can't take it. Oral contraceptives are potentially very dangerous and caused a pulmonary embolism in me. Some people just can't take it because of the side effects. And I can't afford an IUD.

The IUD is a form of birth control. Birth control doesn't just mean you are on the pill. There are pills, shots, patches, rings, IUDs, condoms, diaphragms, spermicidal foam, sponges .... condoms and at least one other form of BC are recommended to prevent both pregnancy and lower the risk of STI transmission. Education is key. Know your options ladies.

You can still have periods while you're pregnant. It's unusual, but it happens. But face it, if you're young enough to be grounded then you're quite stupid for getting pregnant, aren't you. Good luck to the poor baby.

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It's not stupid to have sex underage. It's retarded to have sex underage and not use lots and lots of protections.

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I agree with #19. Just because she's young doesn't mean she won't be agood mother. You can't judge how good a mother they'll be based on their age.

Uhhh, How many underage mothers do you know who can ACTUALLY support themselves AND a baby financially? If you can't do that, I'd say having a kid is at the least irresponsible, and quite possibly imbecilic as well. But EVEN IF that weren't true, the fact that she CAN be grounded means that she is living at home under her parent's roof. Meaning that she's obviously not capable of supporting even herself, let alone a baby. And to force that kind of thing on your parents is careless, selfish, and irresponsible. Particularly since birth control (condoms or pills) are really not that expensive or hard to find. Having sex, normal. Behind your parent's back, whatever. Without protection? Good Lord, if that's not stupid, I've really got to buy myself a new dictionary cause apparently stupid means something other than what I think it does. I hate seeing people with YOUR attitude who automatically take what anyone else says and bends it to suit your own internalized causes. Not all underage mothers are good parents, and some F-ed lives are actually YDI's.

You don't even know that she's underaged. She could be in a tough financial situation with crazy overbearing parents. Don't assume to know her exact situation.

I know a couple. I actually don't know any young parents who don't support themselves. Actually, in my last year of uni I spent my 2 month vacation working as the tech guy at our states welfare department, and almost all the mothers who came in collecting welfare were middle aged. I think it's a real shame there are so many great young mums out there working extra hard to support their families that get this unfair and unrealistic stereotype thrust upon them. Lots of people live at home into their 20s, to save for their own places or to pay their way through college. I'm not saying she's going to be a great mum. I'm just not an ignorant asshole who's going to apply a narrow minded and unfair stereotype to someone I don't know. Protection fails. You are pretty retarded if you don't know that. Now that you do, do us all a favour and just abstain completley (I'm guessing with your personality, that's not going to be a challenge) and keep your genes(that probably lack a chromosome anyway) out of the gene pool. Cheers.

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#139: not all underage mothers are necessarily bad parents either. And even if she is young enough to be grounded, at least she has parents who seem to care about her. thats better than being pregnant and having parents who dont even pay any attention.

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i know quite a few people who've had a baby underage, and they were single moms and they took care of their children fine. none of them came from rich homes or had much help (except babysitting occassionally) from their parents. you grow up when you need to. i wouldn't be able to handle a child when i was younger (or even now lol) but that doesn't mean that some women can't.

blinkingstarlet 15

139 it doesn't say "after having unprotected sex, i had to tell my parents i was pregnant" you're assuming that she's just some "dumb teenager" who didnt use a condom with her skeezy boyfriend. that might not be the case. she may have used protection, they might have both used protection. pregnancies happen with contraceptives. i'm unfortunate enough to know that that's how i have my 2 little sisters... lol

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The whole "if you're mature enough to have sex you need to be mature enough to have a baby" mentality is SO outdated! Yea having sex takes a certain level of maturity, but it is WAY easier than having a kid! we live in a world where women are no longer slaves to their reproductive systems and can control when and if they have kids. Maybe the OP will be better about using birth control (or using any period,if you forgot the first time) now that she's had this scare (if she is indeed not pregnant, as many have said, it might not be your period but breakthrough bleeding)

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#139: How many people do you know that can't support themselves (or a family) financially right now? You look at the all?! It's a recession (probably a depression) a helluva lot of people can't support themselves right now, much less their families. If she is physically and mentally able to support herself by working, you shouldn't judge her on the fact that the economy is so screwed the average "working age" person can't get a job to support themselves, even though they are willing and able. Waiting to have kids until you are 30 is a relatively new phenomenon and a stupid one at that. Your body is able to handle a pregnancy (especially a FIRST pregnancy) in your early 20s (or even late teens) much better than in your 30s. You're also able to better withstand the sleep deprivation that comes with kids and still function (remember being in college?) at this earlier age.

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Then I guess Mary was stupid for getting pregnant at age 16.

I myself am recently a young mom. And I support myself and my baby with a job, and I attend night school in class and online. I rent my own house and my parents babysit on occasion. Any one who can judge us need to go to hell because we are mothers just like theirs but without the age. Thank you for defending us so strongly.

I am so with you there I had post natal depression, not because of my baby but because of people's ****** up attitudes towards me. I now have a happy, healthy 7yr old boy, supporting myself the whole time, loads of savings and am young and fit enough to take him camping and bike riding etc all the time and I did and do it all myself

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That happened to me last year! I was so scared! I took two tests and both were positive! So I told my parents I had sex before marriage (plenty of times) and then realized I got my period the next day. FYL. I've been there. Not fun. Now my parents don't trust me. Good luck. And hopefully you don't get pregnant until you're actually ready. And so are you parents.

Of course they don't trust you. You went right behind their backs and had underage sex and do so unprotected.

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Actually it was protected. Like said before: noting can prevent prgnancy 100% and I'm not underage. I'm 19. And it's not something I'm proud of. I stopped having sex unless I was completely serious about the guy. Now it's just with my bf of 2 years. OP- best of luck with everything. And please don't make the same mistake twice. God bless. :)

holy shit, I'll never get this. your parents don't own your ******, Jesus Christ. I don't get what is with all the sexually controlling parents, but it's pretty disturbing.

Never trust anything you can pee on and still gives you positive results =P

There are few very instances where a home pregnancy test will give you a false-positive. So you either read the test incorrectly or you had an early miscarriage.

You need to get it double checked by a doctor, the at home tests aren't 100% fool proof. I would've kept my mouth shut until there wasn't a doubt in my mind.

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Unsupportive? All she got was a slap on the wrist for getting pregnant. I'd say she got off REALLY, REALLY easy.

How do you know she didn't use one? Condoms aren't 100% fool proof.

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@17 - A slap on the wrist? Oh I'm sorry, should her parents have beaten her? Old fashioned throw-you-down-the-stairs abortion? What exactly would you consider sufficient punishment for bringing another life into being? You sick freak.

#116, over-react much? All #19 was implying was that she did get off pretty easy. Grounded, big deal. At least her parents didn't throw her out on the street and disown her.

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if shes under 18 its technically illegal for parents to kick their children out.

**** that! She is already living under her parents roof and sucking there time and money. Should have kept your damn legs shut or at the very least taken the right precautions. Having the morning after pill ready just in case may be a good idea as well.