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Today, I found out that my ex-girlfriend got engaged to a coworker. I got her the job. FML
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That sucks. But i don't really see how you getting her the job matters...

Well OP i guess you're officially a matchmaker.

He got her the job that ended up setting up OP's ex and coworker.

I guess he got her the job when the were still together, and maybe she broke up with him because she met the other person

44, Thats just an assumption. You can't just assume shes a cheating bitch because this person is complaining about her getting married.

Well because he essentially introduced them.. Sucks OP, sorry

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Tell the co-worker something bad about your ex-girlfriend and the co-worker will cancel the wedding.

Nah that's a low blow. If she got engaged then you must have been broken up for some time before they got serious and decided to tie the knot. Wish her well and move on. You'll find the right one...

i've seen plenty of break ups after engagements. some people get into the moment a little too much and get engaged after a few months

Why does it suck? If theyre not meant to be oh well... At least you made someone else happy

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Maybe he loved her very much and she cheated on him with the coworker. Then, maybe, she broke it off with OP to be with the coworker. I would care about what my ex did if that was what happened. But who knows?

39- Have you never experienced a break up? Sometimes it's a little harder than 'just moving on.'

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73: I wish you would be a little more positive sounding. Like "Don't worry OP, you'll find the right girl." Instead of being heartless and saying "Just move on." I'm sure OP is a little more sensitive than you're letting off to be because he is upset about it. (ergo, the FML)

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In the words of Donald Trump: "You're Fired!"

Hang in there, Dude. Hopefully one day you'll be able to look back on this and be happy you helped get them together. Or cackle madly as they go through their horrid divorce.... Win Win either way :)

If all else fails,there's always the double homicide option.

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-8- Wise words from a wise man.

She was going to meet someone one time or another.. It's not like if you didn't give her the job she would stay single forever

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His girlfriend... I'll make room in the corner for you.

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*prepares boulders for throwing

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You got her a job, she gives you co-worker a job. That's the way it works.

...and then the coworker gives OP a job! ;)

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It could be a three way triangle if you play your cards right

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I like the way you two are thinking. With unemployment still quite high, people need to make an extra effort to give jobs to those who need them.