By cmac1229 - 23/06/2009 22:52 - United States

Today, I was at a gas station and I went to the bathroom. Thinking some was already in the bathroom, I waited for ten minutes while people lined up behind me only to find out that it was empty. FML
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Top comments u not know how to knock?

PaulG10 0

single stall bathroom....


LOL! It happens. Brain fart XDD

chuk_norris_fml 0

Ten minutes? How big of a crap was the imaginary guy taking?!

silverwind_fml 0

your comment doesn't even respond to that one. Stop trying to be at the top of comments, because no one cares.

lexilovesyou 0

YeahForreal! I Hate when people do that! But that is absolutly halariouss(:

emoticons do not go that way. change that habit, it is disgusting. there is nothing ****** up about your life because of this, ergo this should not be a FML. this should be a My-20-minutes-were-awkward-and-I-irritated-people-I-likely-will-never-see-again. go make that a website.

girandwogpig 0

Yeah man I hate FML's like that. There should be special people moderating this....goddamn

hayleyx351 0

how are the backwards smileys disgusting? they're just different, not digusting.

gordonskatespc 0

youre an idiot

I wish I was as smart as you! Can you teach me please??? I'll give you a cookie

kieran247 0


(: (: (: (: (: what now??

lalalalaura 0

Always check for feet under the stalls. Guarentees you that it will never happen again. =) haha

PaulG10 0

single stall bathroom....

there's probably a door stupid u not know how to knock?

YDI for not checking

justxdream 0

yeah, really. sweet job.

CourtneeMalakian 0

hahaha id probably purposely do something like that. just to pis people off :)

_itsmeeex1bitchz 0

haha me too!

whoops, replied to the wrong one... haha.

Ever heard of knocking?

You didn't knock?

YDI for using gas station bathrooms. That's nasty.

#10, when you gotta go, you gotta go. Also, knock first lol

NGM_47 0

YDI x 100!! Why are there so many brain fart FMLs today?