By Anonymous - 17/06/2011 04:50 - Australia

Today, I was passed over for the job of my dreams. I now have to watch as a girl I have on Facebook - a total moron - boasts daily about scoring the position instead. Turns out the interviewer was her uncle. FML
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Remove her from your FB. Why do you have a total moron on your FB anyway?

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this is why we need a dislike button on Facebook


ehh. one day the boss will get sick of her.

It happens these days, families will defo help their own people regardless of their qualification because of selfishness...

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21 did you ever even remotely stop to think why family would help family... no I didnt think so it was not selfishness but the willingness to help your family out she needed a job her uncle had an opening it's not selfish it's called doing someone a favor so stfu

28 it's still utterly unfair isms Op deserved the job and didn't get it because of family that is called " inhalation " meaning taking an opportunity away from someone who deserved it

28 are you trying to say that the interviewer did the right thing by hiring family instead of a qualified person? maybe you should stop and think about it before you post, the only reason someone would be ignorant enough to post that is if they themselves have hired family in the past or received a job because family has hired him or her in the past...

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you know I hope you have family that would do the same for you when your in debt and fixing to lose everything if you wouldn't do that to help your family then your a sad excuse for a human and a friend

let's stop trolling about this, bottom line is that 28 is an idiot.

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exactly how am I a moron are you not smart enough to see beyond your selfish ways are you to stupid to realize that you would want your family to do the same for you if you needed help I wonder why you people are so foolish

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maybe since she is a moron all her other jobs failed and her uncle is trying to help or someone asked him to hire her cuz she needed a job badly and was hard to say no or just cuz

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someone in her family asked so it was hard to say no^

Reminds me of some Victorious episode I had the misfortune of seeing. Dear God Victoria Justice can't sing.

I'm with 28 on this one, although I hope I'll explain my position a little better. It isn't wrong to hire a family member for a job. It may not even be wrong to hire a family member over a more qualified person, if you are the owner of the business in question. BUT, if you ARE NOT the owner of the business, you just have a supervisor position which involves hiring new employees, then it probably is a violation of company policy to hire a family member or friend over a more qualified person. So, what I'm getting at is that it is perferctly okay to look out for your family (and taking care of your family should be a priority in your life) as long as you aren't abusing your position at work to do so. If the "uncle" in this story owns the business or if its a small business then what he did was probably okay. If this was a major corporation or a goverment job, then he probably broke some rules.

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None of you really know if she wasn't qualified. This guy could just be talking trash because he didn't get it.

74, exactly. She could have been just as qualified. Anyone here, whether they want to admit or not, would hire a family member over a random guy they don't know, as long as the family member was equally qualified. If she wasn't as qualified, then yeah, the Uncle is an asshole.

28-u are a dumbass . so stfu and gtfo thnx :)

your picture makes me want mcdonalds/:

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You can't be with 28 because what he is in favor of, and what is happening in this situation, is nepotism. Oh, yeah, and I'm pretty sure its illegal. OP, bring it up with them and if they cant prove she's the better candidate, sue them.

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obviously some one else can't see the logic to family helping family and it's dad to say that you are pathetic member of society

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There is logic in helping family when it is legal. If the girl is really an idiot then she is actually being detrimental to her uncle, which is NOT helping family. If he gets black marked for hiring the wrong person then his job might be in jeopardy. While there is such a thing as helping out a family member, hiring someone under-qualified for the position is putting people at risk. If it is a privately owned company then the uncle is risking someone else's family. It would be just as simple to loan her the money or see if there was a position lower in the company for her. If Op is blowing wind out his ass about losing a job he wanted and doesn't know the girl's qualifications then there is no problem with hiring a family member that you know will do a good job. In some cases you just happen to know it would be a good fit and that is that. There is nothing wrong with hiring a family member if they have the same qualifications and you can justify it. Either way, the girl is not very professional and should stop putting everything she thinks online, that could cause problems in the future.

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I wouldn't want a job with management like that anyways...

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I agree with 28 whole buttedly I would sat heartedly but my butt is bigger

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Remove her from your FB. Why do you have a total moron on your FB anyway?

because thats what Facebook is for (idiocity) a certain other social site that shall not be named to others that begins with ze letter t is way better and cannot be matched

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Cause that's what people do these days. They add as many people as they can to increase that friend count of theirs.

2 because of the pics she uploads. Ggrrrroowwll. (=^_^=)

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also so she can "like" her fired post cuz ppl r like that

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they work in the same field, do you not network with people in your own career path?

no one? ok 22 it's idiocy. sorry, it was bugging me

Considering that there are plenty of morons on FB, I'm not surprised most people do have them on their FB...

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so he ********* *** ********.******** ** ********** *****

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Honestly the reason I haven't removed this one girl from my Fb is because her statuses are so stupidly hilarious that I just upload them to tumblr.

96, in this instance, it's giving someone a job, solely because they're related. In general, it's when you're biased to favor a specific person just because you're related, are friends, etc.

Tell her to stfu and get a job where she actually needs the real skills to get in, not by family relations

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your birthday days your 18 but you actually tell the truth and say your14 that's retarded

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I guess it's true it's not what you know...It's who you know.

12, i had to lie about my age otherwise i would get banned

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if she is a moron then I see another opening in ur dream job :)

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She will get fired dont worry. ;)

That's why you only add people you know.

Fairly sure OP does know her if she knows the girl is a moron.

Yeah but probably not that well if it turned out later the interviewer was her uncle and just referred to her as some girl

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jacob I've yet to see a positive rated comment. guess no one likes you...

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this is why we need a dislike button on Facebook

I cracked up at your profile picture.

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that profile pic is the story of my life I wish my boyfriends xbox would break

there is a dislike button, u have to activate it

there actually is an add-on for firefox but only people who have it can see when you dislike something

There are apps for Chrome and firefox that allow you to "dislike".

why do you have her on facebook if you dislike her so much? I can never understand why people just put anyone on their facebook just to boost the amount of friends they have. Delete her, problem solved. She obviously isn't your friend anyway.

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OP obviously dislikes her for getting hired for the job that they 1. wanted. and 2. were more qualified more. my best friend is a total moron. doesn't mean I dislike her for it. seriously you all act like you know the OP's of these FML's personally. -___-

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Okay that's your best friend, in OP's case it isn't. She refers to her as the "girl I have on Facebook" which pretty much implies they're acquaintances if even that.

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does this matter? its called FML for the stories on it; not FML because I almost got into a 30 min. comment argument ON someone else's FML.

They are friends on Facebook, I'm assuming, because they are coworkers. Sure, when you're 18 and working at taco bell or Starbucks, you might choose not to become friends with your coworkers; when you're in a similar career - not job - with someone, you usually network with them.