By MexicanMe - United States
Today, my boyfriend and I had breakfast with his grandmother. She told him how I'm prettier than "that Mexican" he'd brought home for dinner last week. We had dinner with her last week, and I'm that same Mexican. She then went on to how Mexicans are what's wrong with the economy. FML
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  A7XCamaro  |  19

33 - It isn't the laborers and the farm workers thats the problem. It's the ones that come over illegally, don't do anything and live off of the government giving them money every month that cause the issue.

  asianbeezy_  |  5

The government doesn't help illegals! Most of them are afraid to get near "the government" because of their status, but I do agree coming here illegally to fuck up ur life, drink, use drugs is a waste!

  Link5794  |  18

So is yours.

By  melonrind  |  8

She sounds like a treat... Just assume she's bat shit crazy and things will be easier to ignore... Or you can put on your best accent and threaten her when y'all are alone ;)

By  walmartpaysme  |  15

My grandmother has pick's disease so she goes on rants from time to time. I just have to say "yes ma'am" and remember that she doesn't know what she's talking about. It'll be okay OP

By  KVKdragon  |  26

For a second there I thought this was going to be one of those FMLs where the boyfriend is revealed to be a cheater by another relative lol. Cheer up OP, memory isn't a blessing for everyone as we reach that age :P