By Anonymous - 30/05/2015 03:07 - United States - Salem

Today, my crazy neighbor screamed at me from her porch for walking "too close" to her plants. I was on the sidewalk. She sprayed me with her hose anyway. FML
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You young whippersnappers shouldn't be that close anyways


You young whippersnappers shouldn't be that close anyways

friedpwnadge 25

This is a police matter. OP was assaulted and their phone could have gotten wet as well.

I was here first I just choose to spell my name this way

hippodankamus 22

Yeah, maybe they were deadly piranha plants and she was protecting OP.

splinteredApple 36

I think the only deadly thing is the women that sprayed OP.

Allornone 35

Next time you see her in her front lawn spray her with your hose

tantanpanda 26

nah, just start ripping up her plants. you're already wet anyway, might as well.

What she did was assault lol. You can't just spray people with water...

So what your saying is rain is basically illegal then?

Take it from AnalAssassin. I'm guessing he knows plenty about assault. Seriously though he's not wrong.

Wow, what a thick-headed neighbor you have. I hope you got to change your clothes right away. FYL

She might not be able to see you well, and thought you were closer than the side walk.

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still no reason to reason to spray your neighbor with a hose lol

RedPillSucks 31

she could see well enough to accurately spray him

Tried and did work. Now i have larger territory and a black eye.

Talk about attachment issues to those plants, crazy neighbor needs a new hobby.

sonasonic 34

I hear crazy cat ladies are in season this year.

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