By Anonymous - 11/03/2014 00:26 - United Kingdom

Today, I was waiting at the bus stop and noticed a girl that I played netball with. I ran across the road to meet her and she ran across the car park to meet me. We hugged and looked at each other slowly backing away as we both realised that we didn't know each other. FML
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Since you both made the mistake, maybe you both can laugh about it and become friends.

Awkward on both parties! Get her number ;)


Since you both made the mistake, maybe you both can laugh about it and become friends.

Or better... *wink* *wink* *nodge*

That would make an amazing "how we met" story.

AnOriginalName 19

I agree, that's pretty coincidental that the two of you both mistook each other. I'd take that as a little sign. Instead of awkwardly backing away you should have embraced the situation you both were in. It would have been easy to laugh it off and you could have talked about what just happened, the ice was obviously quite broken already, aha. Best of luck OP, hoping you meet again!

then000bster 16

So this is USBFFWLSC (ultimate super best friends forever who like to solve crimes) material. You have to be friends now.

USB fits so well, since it always goes in incorrectly the first time

This would've been a great ending of how I met your mother. Nobody expects that.

Awkward on both parties! Get her number ;)

If they start dating, it would be a funny way to tell how they met

I think they are both girls, since the op said that they play netball with them. Usually the same sex plays sports together.However thats just my take on it.

falon142012 22

Even if she's a girl, she could still get her number, 96. Lol.

Netball is generally played by Women but Men are allowed to play on the same team generally. I have been in teams with men,

The ice has been broken; maybe you two can get to know each other now?

Well you can be friends and then you can tell the story of how you met :)

iLike2Teabag 27

Well at least now you know she's friendly! You can all be friends now.

Eliseopwns 22

Uh... chemistry from the start...?

At least both of you went through embarrassment together

neonglostix 28

Did you wave to each other before you ran into her arms? I guess you could say that you guys were on the same wavelength.