By Anonymous - 24/10/2011 10:07 - United States

Today, I finally gathered up the guts to say hi to the girl I like. As I was walking down the hallway, I saw her and waved hello, only to walk into a bathroom door. FML
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That sounds like something you would see in a TV show

And now that "guts" youwere talking about went away as you face planted into a door...

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March up too her, and say "mmm, sexy, like a chocolate strawberry" works every time

I bet he at least got her attention!

You'll now be known as the guy who face planted a toilet door to her from now... **** your life

Like Keith Stone. No but really, Keystone makes me shit out my intestines, and makes me rethink life decisions.

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There's a door there. Watch out! Oops, was i a bit late?

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The door can sweep you off your feet better than she can .

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The first step is letting her know you exist. Sounds like you can check that off the list

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^ Yeah; posting irrelevant comments. PM one of the mods, douchebag.

Next step is convincing her that you aren't prone to walking into things... Good luck.

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that's one way to get her attention

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Say you were distracted by her amazing looks. Then get your self some if that!

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No. You can never gain without even a little pain,

We heard you like pain, so we decided to put some gain in yo pain so you can pain while you gain!

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i swear, this happens every time.. not as bad as OP. usually its like hey my teacher and then trip over a small garbage can and into a pit of lava.

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At least you now know if she liked you back she would have asked if you were ok, if she kept walking then it's time to move on....

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What the? Since when is that there?