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Today, I went to get my blood drawn to see how far along I am pregnant. The lady stuck both my arms twice and then busted a vein in my right arm. She told me to come back tomorrow to try again. FML
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Uh make sure you don't get her tomorrow again XD

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That must be "bloody" painful.


Hey, as long as OP got a lollipop then it's all good.

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Omg I feel your pain. When I was little and I had a blood problem, i would always get blood tests. My first time, the lady didn't even hit my vein. Talk about traumatization.

Why the f didn't they just ultrasound your belly?

Exactly! I've never heard of a blood test determining where you are in your gestation?!

Nope me either. They do take alot of bloods during pregnancy but it takes 5 minutes to scan vs days testing in a lab. What a waste of time and effort it's 2012 FFs

It matters if you have any kind of health condition, they need to make sure that your blood work is confirming what the ultrasound is showing. Your ultrasound can say 7 weeks etc but your HCG hasn't shown to be doubling daily like it should, and your hormone levels are a better indicator of gestational age in the very early stages of pregnancy (before 12 weeks).

Uh make sure you don't get her tomorrow again XD

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Me too 12. It's incredibly ridiculous...

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So are you 28, so are you. xD

That sucks, hope you get a better doctor next time.

Demand you get a new doctor tomorrow? XD

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Who else is up at 3am and can't sleep?

It's only 12am here, but still. Canada eh!

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Me me me me me~ Tomorrow's sunday so im good ;3 I mean today...ahh you know what i mean -.-'

It's only 9:47pm here, but it's Monday tomorrow. I'm so envious of your Sunday coming!

That would be me, almost 4 now:-/ FML is just so addicting!

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Me! FML is a great escape for insomniacs everywhere..

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Me, but that's because I work. Sometimes I hate my job... Damn early shifts.

It's about 1:30 where i'm from. Damn FML and it's addictive properties!

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Today, i tried to go to sleep because I have to drive 2 hours to my brothers place, but instead I got addicted to FML. FML.

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No. "Blowing" a vein during venous puncture is common. If the puncture was botched and lead to a deathly staph infection or some other bloodborne illness, then yes.

20: I'm a phleb, and no it's not common to blow a vein, it means it wasn't done correctly. If the phleb drawing her blood drew from the same spot twice she can sue, because that is against OSHA and Hippa laws, not to mention if the joint commission saw a phlebotomist doing what happened to the OP that phlebotomist would be fired on the spot and the lab would be fined. Not to mention she can't return tomorrow to get her blood draw until the hematoma is gone, unless they draw from her hand or foot. Also if it's the same lab I wouldn't have any confidence in that lab at all! Good luck OP And congratulations on the pregnancy.

20: ps it's venipuncture, think twice before trying to be something your not....

"Stop trying to be something you're not...." who said I was trying to be anything? And last I checked HIPPA is there for protecting patients private information, not for lab work (maybe OSHA but I'm not a phlebotomist, so no I wouldn't know) . Now, all these guidelines you're spitting out vary state-to-state and per hospital policy. I'm in school for nursing, shocker! And when I accidentally blew a vein, it wasn't the end of the world (or the patients life). Venous puncture or Veni puncture, who cares? Venous is the term I was taught: meaning pertaining to a vein. The only place I agree even a slight bit, is that after 2 attempts, the tech should've gotten someone else to try. . . And I don't know who shit in your coffee this morning, but damn! You need to RELAX!

114 and 120, if you are going to get into a pissing match, please use correct acronyms. It's HIPAA, not HIPPA. OSHA regulates safe work practices. Joint commission has little influence over this as well. The employer who sets protocol/policy, and in extreme cases the licensing authority has final say. I have performed tens of thousands of "sticks" and veni-puncture is the correct nomenclature and blown veins are a common occurrence. It all depends on the patient and their vascular health. If the patient develops staph or phlebitis, it is because the provider did not use an aseptic technique.

You are a nurse, you don't get taught venipuncture until your 4th year of school. If you are my apologies, and no one shit my coffee I woke up with a migraine and cold... So sorry for being defensive. HIPPA is to protect patients records but they are also there to protect patients rights, this includes being stabbed 4 times... And then being told to come back later.

121: Thank you. Sorry about the spelling. And I'm peachy, not pissy, lol. Just getting into Health Care controversies on this Fine Sunday morning ... And sorry you're sick pal. It's that time of year, lot's of vitamin C and rest ;)

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I'm in the phlebotomy field. The actual procedure is called a venipuncture. HIPAA makes sure that patients' files, charts, and test results are not released to anyone that doesn't have rights to them. OSHA has nothing to do with the safety of the procedure. They dispose of used hazardous equipment, and make sure that all member of the staff are trained about safety regulations. The phlebotomist should have only tried twice, then asked for someone else to try. Veins can blow, especially if you have small or fragile veins, but the only way OP could file a malpractice/negligence lawsuit would be if the phlebotomist set up an infection, or contracted any bloodborne pathogens. You are welcome :)

151 I didn't even read your entire comment to know you don't know what your talking about and your 19 so if you are a phleb, you probably just ... Just finished schooling. I'm to tired to correct you so good night.

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If you knew what you were talking about then you would know that it's HIPAA. So go away. Idiots only keep arguing. I'm right out of school, so it's fresh on my brain.

This is starting to turn into the whole arrow to the knee thing

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I used to say doesnt matter had sex...but then I took an arrow to the knee.

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I used to take an arrow to the knee, until I took a bullet to the face.

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That must be "bloody" painful.

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Nice Pun! Dang, you beat me to it(:

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Was she drunk before she did this?

Actually the most well trained nurses can have a hard time getting blood from certain people. Some people naturally have veins that lie deep making it hard to find. Also she could of have not drunken enough water making her veins smaller and harder to find. it sucks that she was bruised and had to come back. But nurses usually send their patients home after two or three failed attempts. To avoid bruising, at least at the office I worked at idk how the rest of the world works.

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My veins roll really badly so it seems like it's almost impossible to draw blood from me. I hate needles so I'm always freaking out about it when they stab me 4 times and can't get any blood. They always send me home and come back the next day. So it normally takes about 12 tries before they get it.

97- I would imagine it going "GODDAMMIT! Stop moving! I will stab you 12 times if I have to!" its weird to imagine things after you skim over it.

#97 if they take 12 times to get blood from you and they willingly continue that many times leave that practice. No true nurse would try that many times. I work in a office and we have patients that it is next to impossible to get blood. After about the fourth time (if the pt said continue) what ever blood we got was the blood we worked with. You don't need a lot of serum at all about 1 mml to do a complete metabolic panel the same with a thyroid test and many others.

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If your all of the sudden you piss yourself then you are roughly nine months

Lol, and some horrible contractions, that would be a sign

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My cousin is only 5 months and she's already pissing herself lol

Peeing yourself all depends on where or how the baby is resting. If the baby kicks or hits the bladder it's like breaking a damn

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I'm 8 months and trust me you don't have to be in labor to have that feeling. My daughter is under the impression that my bladder is a punching bag.

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She must be new at her job.. I don't understand how hard it could be, to be careful and slow when using a needle for anything.

It's pretty ******* hard, especially if the patient is dehydrated. Not everything is as easy as it looks, dick skin.

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'not everything is as easy as it looks.' would have been completely acceptable, douchbag.

Yes, but the ignorance you demonstrated in your comment deserved the insult, you **** head.

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

Okay, I'm sorry I ruined your night over my 'ignorance' of not understanding something, you don't have to be an automatic asshole over it. *go for it. Thumb me down*

I'm not being an asshole just over your ignorance. I'm being an asshole because idiots like you run around, making idiotic claims about society. You're criticizing someone who has received the education and training to actually do this job. So stop thinking that you know how to do someone else's job, and go back to beating your father's dick instead of those drums.

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

I never said I did! Wow, I can see how mature you are from all this. I see the light now! I repent! I should've never spoke up about not understanding something. I'll just live my life in utter stupidity from now on because people like you put words in my mouth. You wanna keep insulting me? PM it.

Please. Do live your life in utter stupidity. You know what? **** this. It's utterly pointless to argue about this. I apologize for wasting our time.

14-The nurse is a trained professional. If you can't do your job, give it to somebody else. I acknowledge that it can be very difficult and quite stressful, but you're trained to get over the stress, and do your job properly.

38 - Have you ever gotten your blood drawn? They don't always get it on first try. It may not even be the nurses fault. If you move, the nurse has to do it again. Also, the vein isn't as easy to spot as it seems. As I said to BeatTheDrums, stop thinking that everything is easier than it looks.

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Ignore my comment. Previous thread was deleted.

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That's why you shouldn't have gone to Mexico! Yes it was cheap, and you get a free shot of tequila, but it's not worth the busted vein, next time go to DocBastard.

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ahh thatz some good ol' fashion family racism :)

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It wasn't racist, it was meant that maybe OP went to Mexico because the health care is cheaper, since everything is so damn expensive, but not worth it because sometimes cheaper isn't better. I admit it was a bit of a stretch, but it's early in the morning, I'm tired, and it was funnier in my head.

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My Mexicanniness is so offended! Nah, not really, I didn't really find your comment racist either.

79- yeah. It happens to me all the time. And then I go "What? Of course I think my own jokes are funny. Do you think I'm here to entertain you?"