By Grossedouttt - 04/07/2009 04:18 - United States

Today, my mother texted me while I was at work asking me to pick up a door-stopper on my way home. When I asked her why she explained that she and my dad were trying to make love but the dog kept pushing the door open. What an image. FML
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You asked. At least she was honest.

I agree with #6


Jazzywrites007 2

Well.... How do you think *You* got here? =]

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itsgen 16

ughh i would hate the visual image of my parents omg i feel soo bad for you maybe next time your better off not asking what you dont know wont hurt you

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hell yea ********** worthy image right there and @2 your pic is hot ;) call me sexy lol jk

Nissi 17

Aww. Yikes. FYL indeed.

You asked. At least she was honest.

I agree with #6

grow up.

Agrees with #6 too.

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YDI. You shouldn't have asked. You should have just done what your mother told you to.

you guys are a bit harsh , how could the OP know it was somthing like that, he was prolly expecting a normal responce just to stimulate conversation also why would a mother tell there child that?

SusanaSaysRawrxD 0

Lmao. xD Gotta love parents who aren't afraid to say anything. your life isn't really ******, though. just slightly gross. :P