By superdriver - 07/02/2011 17:46 - Mexico

Today, I was driving with my parents while explaining that young people like myself are better drivers because we have better reflexes. My explanation was suddently interrupted with the sound of me crashing the car against a parked car. FML
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lol, better reflexes but easily distracted

I think perhaps you should hand your license back..


lol, better reflexes but easily distracted

Maybe there was a hot girl walking by?

If you see someone who appears to be hot, it would be advisable (and preferable) to give them a cold bottle of water or something like that to help them cool down rather than ogle mindlessly.

yeh that's the number one cause of distraction for young men on the road #12

He probably saw a nice piece of ass.

haha, wowwww(:

hmm. I have not heard of the gay ass "first thing comment for a while. what's going on? no funny fmls and no FIRST thing?

you just made my day with this comment...that is after i stopped choking from hard laughter ^_^

way 2 ruin it for us young people

nope. OP is stupid and deserves. lesson learned; your parents are always right

yu look so fkin gay in that picture !

Oh noes! You guys caught me! I'm no longer denying my feelings for both for caseislol and Aakash04! LET ME TONGUE YOUR ASSHOLES. I WANT YOU BOTH INSIDE MY BELLYBUTTON. Maybe we can cuddle and watch Jersey Shore afterwards ^__^

I think perhaps you should hand your license back..

for getting into an accident? people get into car accidents every day. should every person who has ever been in an accident give up their right to drive?

Yes. Just like criminals buy illegal guns and kill people with them and so force laws on citizens who now can't by perfectly legal guns. Now they're helpless. It makes perfect sense. Have fun thinking out this extremely simple analogy, I hope I changed your life forever.

agreed with

Also agreed with _________.

I also agreed with -____________- .

Should have also explained how your ADD makes you a fucking hazard while driving haha

your good reflexes are useless if you arent paying attention to your surroundings. YDI

parents must not let u drive for a while huh

#26, You are a certified loser, go play Halo, instead of wasting your time on making lame mom jokes.

That's why you never, ever gloat about things like that.

Uh... Awkward? Haha xD