By Anonymous - 18/07/2013 18:16 - Canada - Kelowna

Today, I woke up after passing out at a very small house party. I'd set a three drink limit, but apparently nobody listened, because there were beer cans everywhere, half my stuff was on the floor, and someone had shat in my bathtub. I had to clean all of it up alone. FML
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kathii01 20

I doubt you passed out from only 3 beers yourself. Seems like you didn't listen to your own rule.

MissWhitneyB 17

Did you follow your own drink limit? No. So why would anyone else listen if you dont follow your own rules?


kathii01 20

I doubt you passed out from only 3 beers yourself. Seems like you didn't listen to your own rule.

MIght've been knocked out because OP is a downer?

maybe it was 3 bottles of vodka??

1, I know a lot of light weights. It doesn't matter if it is beer or hard alcohol but it only takes one drink. However, I don't agree with the Original Poster telling guests to babysit his/her's beer intake.

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

I agree 37... I think thats the dumbest party rule I've ever heard! !

37- i agree with everything you said except that you misread the part about the limit. He set that limit for EVERYONE to only have 3 drinks, not for people to only let him have 3 drinks.

3 drinks? What kind of house party is this?

37 lightweight wouldn't matter with a three drink minimum my nine year old little brother (80 pounds) once snuck into my dads liquor cabinit and drank over half a bottle of vodka without passing out

I don't usually drink. But when I do, I shit in tubs

77 Lightweight, in this case, is a term for someone who cannot hold his or her alcohol, not someone of a low weight.

52, I don't see where OP wrote that the three beer limit was to everyone. I can see how that could be assumed but I highly doubt many people would show up to a party that has a three beer limit, per person. The way OP explained what he/she saw when he/she woke up, I assumed there had to have had a lot of people there.

My immediate thought. i think op just wanted some free people to look over her while she got waisted

MissWhitneyB 17

Did you follow your own drink limit? No. So why would anyone else listen if you dont follow your own rules?

Lets be honest who would actually listen to a drink limit when the host is knocked out

where did she say she passed out or take too much

In her first sentence :-)

dinosxxrawr 22

sometimes you should listen to your own rules first.

ApollosMyth 22

Am I the only one that took "passed out" as just falling asleep..?

SMH somebody is a lightweight or a hypocrite. the best way tobset a drink limit is not to buy a lot of beer.

maybe they brought their own beer

It sucks that you had to clean up alone, but inviting people to drink and setting arbitrary rules like that is pretty lame. And if you set the limit because your friends go too wild when they are around liquor, then maybe you should reconsider who you invite to your parties.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Well where I'm from if we have a house party there's usually a few people that stay to help out in the morning. Sometimes I'll even come back the next day if I knew I made quite a mess myself. But we stick to bonfires and river parties so nothing gets broke inside. Maybe that's where OP went wrong. Shouldn't of had an indoor party, especially if the people you invited are a rowdy bunch.

1PersonIsMyWorld 22're only 19....

47- and 19 year olds would NEVER party or drink... Right?

CallMeMcFeelii 13

You're mistaken 47, see they were only bubble parties. I didn't know there was an age limit on blowing bubbles.. Haha. I knew someone would say something stupid over that.

I agree with cleaning up after a party, when I had a party several people stayed and helped me clean it up, as do I when someone else gives a party. I can however understand that when the host is knocked out you don't really feel like cleaning up. It's his responsibility and you should always be alert and in control when you throw a party in my opinion.

47 - 19 is the legal drinking age in Canada.

You do know that when alcohol is involved, nobody listens to rules, right?

Not true, I listen to every rule, I just choose to ignore some of them...ok, most of them.

yiu did t obey your own rule if you passed out. YDI

Wow, just wow...

MrBoredomioo 18

You* didn't*

vballgirly28 16

Um you didn't even follow your own drinking limit if you passed out so why should anyone else? But I hate cleaning so I guess FYL for that part.

Never under estimate the power of liquor

I don't think you should expect people to have only 3 when you yourself have obviously had way more