By seaweedlady - 21/06/2011 14:49 - United States

Today, my mother tried to have a conversation with me. While she was taking a piss. With the bathroom door wide open. FML
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dont worry my mom does it all the time... :/

I'm guessing you two have an interesting relationship


I'm guessing you two have an interesting relationship

that's real love for ya

so uncomfortable when people do that lol

Your mom and I would get along quite well :p

I've never known anyone to do that but I can't imagine it to be something uncommon. I'd probably just ignore them lol.

you picture is horrible blonde hair + fake tan (orange,naturally)= chav

haha actually my skin is natural tan. maybe know some facts before judging asshole

well thats not nice.

That's your sign to move out. If you don't than next time she will either be dropping a deuce or f'n your gardener with the door open.

21- wtf are you talking about?

rude comment was deleted

Try saying 'look mum I'll talk to you after your piss' and walk away? Simple!

yea... not a good time

at least she is that comfortable with her own kid.

I was watching a video called "You know you're mexican when..." and one was when your mother tries to talk to you when she's in the bathroom 8)

my mom did that once.. let's just say she learned her lesson

god I hate it when people do this

my parents do that a lot...

maybe she's lonely :(

dont worry my mom does it all the time... :/

mine too. maybe OP moderated her own FML post thats why it was accepted.

I guess you all live in Colosseum. ps. It's an Italian expression about people who don't shut their doors.

C-c-c-c-combo Breaker!! sorry i had to do it. mine too though, sadly.

so does mine, she did today too.

my mom does too. it's not that wierd lol

I though my mom was the only one who does that! LMAO!!!

My mother and I share the toilet during these times.

ThatOtherMegan 30


seven year olds shouldn't be on here. your 2 young.

Their young minds will be scarred for life...

She looks 12... not 7.... Perfect.....

she could have been pooping? so it's not all that bad!

Or told OP too wipe... o_O

sadly and weirdly a lot of people seem to do that = ... my mum does it too

you're family, it's not that bad

What if her mom is 350 pounds? Then would it be bad?

Aha. sounds like my mom.

ahh things u do when your drunk

OP said nothing about her or her mom about being drunk....

haha it's funny 'cause he's fat!