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Today, my boss told me I'm not working hard enough because I take French classes two mornings a week and therefore I won't be getting a promotion. If I want the promotion I have to stop taking my French classes. These are the same French classes I was told I originally needed for the promotion. FML
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in soviet Russia bosses suck YOU!


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in soviet Russia bosses suck YOU!

Tu ne va pas faire classe pour français?

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71 - follow your own advice and see how far you go.

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I can see where the boss is coming from. S/he wants you to take french classes, but on your own time (the weekends), not the company's time. Which is what you're doing with the twice a week crap.

didn't you here OP? they were taking French for the promotion in the first place

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come on now use yo coconuttt.

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47- i dont know why but i can't stop laughing at your comment

BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH!!!!! I wonder if this will get removed. It probably will. I didn't even read the FML.

Congratulations. You read and replied. Therefore my stupid plan for attention worked on sombody.

stop taking French, it's a dying language anyways...

Yeah, they only speak it in France, several African countries, and portions of several European countries.

How is French a dying language? It's one of the few actually available to learn anywhere. it's spoken in half of Canada too.

Yeah, I forgot Canada. Someone already pointed that out, and I thumbed up their comment. Because I realized I forgot it. Once someone has pointed it out, you don't need to as well. That's like if a math teacher asks "What's 2+2?" and someone raises their hand and answers "4!" Then you raise your hand 30 seconds later and say "It's ******* 4!" Everyone already knows. And now you look like a prick.

By the way, that was at 24 and 28. 25 had a legitimate addition to the previously presented information.

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the french havent ever won a major battle though

@redneck: Without the French, you'd still be a British citizen FYI.

39 what the he'll are you talking about? it was the oompah loompas who saved us from the British mafia! some people just don't pay attention in history class anymore...

u ugly mean and a bitch get a life in stead of sitting here making people feel bad

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and some part of Louisiana.

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well, the french were ******* in world war 2. jsut saying

FML is French, just sayin' :) et va tfaire foutre gros lard à insulter les autres pays gratuitement, moi je te chie dessus :)

Huh... I don't know what to say to this thread. Hmmm... I know! Look up "French Military Victories" on Google and click "I'm feeling lucky". France is okay, they have French Toast, which is framazing.

50- Don't get pissed at me for insulting people if you're going to insult me. Also, might wanna change your name if you want people to take you seriously. Check the thumbs, honey. They speak the truth

And I just remembered that Haitians also speak French! Thanks to Rakistazz for reminding me of that. :)

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You have a point 31. However I don't understand why you felt the need to overreact and call the kid a prick.

There are a lot worse words I could have used. Compared to the usual insulting words people use on here (which I'm sure I don't need to list) prick is quite tame. It was a slight overreaction, but it's a pet peeve of mine. And after reading so many posts where people repeat the same info over and over, someone was bound to get an earfull (technically eyefull).

Well, I can tell from the thumbs that I have offended some people. I don't see how my statement about Haiti was offensive. I'm assuming that people decided that because one thing I said was offensive, they should downvote all my comments, regardless of content. But I am sorry to those I have offended, nonetheless.

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You guys are really something. The French are *******? Oh really? Go check the Treaty of Versailles, between Germany and France, that was a main cause of the end of WWI. The French got taken over in WWII? Yeah, so did the rest of Eastern Europe. What's your point? And since when does a huge army mark the best country? Just because Americans think that shooting and blowing up anybody who doesn't have the exact same views as them, doesn't mean the rest of the world thinks the same way. Check the statistics: American has over a 70% obesity rate, while (last time I checked) France has under 20%. Also, America's intelligence is dropping very fast. America is not as good as you think. Flame me if you want, but you insulted my country first. But of course, it's only wrong if someone does it to yours, as Americans.

Also, to add to my comment, WWI would have been much worse if the French hadn't held their ground as well as they did. They endured Trench Warfare. In case you don't know, that's when you stay in trenches for days, even weeks, with rats, dead bodies, and muddy ground. They barely ate, and the rats would eat the dead bodies. Also, if your skin is wet for too long (like their feet were) it makes you skin rot. Please, instead of insulting somebody else's country, fix your own.

Stfu already. you're like a fkn mosquito that won't go away.

Frenchboy, people also tend to forget Napoleon Bonaparte.

"Stop making ignorant blanket generalizations! You Americans are such assholes!"

Well, to stop the pointless digression about who won what war and what the neighbour's dog thinks of it: the bottom line is that OP was asked to learn French... because she works in a French-speaking region (canton de Vaud, in Switzerland). Excellent reason, really. Now OP, talk to your boss cause you've got a point.

frenchboy, you throw up statistics and the say randomly without any facts that "americas intelligence is dropping fast. it's not as good as you think" that last part was just some random shit that's your opinion. well I'm gonna drop some actual knowlege for you on things the french do wrong: 1) they eat frogs legs.. gross wtf. 2) the french were the first to have mimes.. ugh 3) the French couldn't find Osama oh yeah that's right we AMERICANS did it bitch!

That frog legs are gross, and that mimes are stupid are both opinions. And let's not forget how long it took us to find Bin Laden.

I suggest speaking with your boss and finding out what is expected of you. Maybe it was your bad for choosing French lessons that are interfering with your work schedule.

If she needed French for her job, shouldn't that count as work time? Training hours or something?

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No she wants a promotion and is taking time off work to get the training required for it. However op picked classes that interfere with regularly scheduled work.

Gotta agree with TheDrifter here. If you need further training to stay relevant in your current job, your employer should provide it or compensate you for it. If you're trying to move up, however, the training is your responsibility and should not interfere with your current performance.

i see it as op is home free, quit taking french and get the promo!

Your boss is bi-winning, he/she got you to learn what they wanted you to learn without having to keep their promise... Sucks for you though :)

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This guy is sooo retarded, guys just because the bosses on FML are cruel doesn't mean they are in real life.

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Tell him to stop smoking crack.

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That's his way of saying "Just stop trying kid, you are never going to get the promotion anyways"

Take some Latin. That's where it's at.

Agreed, nowadays, they speak Latin all over the damn world!

I know they don't speak it anywhere. But it's still interesting to learn a langauge that's the root of most all western language. I know you were making a joke, as was I originally. But I still think it would be cool.

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Latin is actually a very interesting language. Also, I've found it has helped me in English class(knowing the roots and such as the poster above me stated).

I'm looking forward to learning how to speak Latin next year in college. So glad my school offers it.

Latin is a lot of fun! difficult to learn especially when balancing it with chem and bio but fun!

I'm wondering how all tthese comments that were positive last night went negative or to 0. Someone must really hate Latin (or me).