That escalated quickly

By zenithbelana - 10/01/2010 07:01 - United States

Today, two weeks after reporting our car was broken into, the police showed up to our flat. They came to inform us that our car was was broken into. We explained that we knew this and reported it weeks ago. Apparently, it was broken into again, and set on fire this time. FML
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insurance just went up

Did anyone else notice this says "was was"?


insurance just went up

bittersweets 2

who moderatet this???

i was just wondering that haha she cant structure a sentence for shit

You apparently don't know how to grammar for shit, either...

#8: Are you seriously complaining about OP's sentence structure? YOU'RE the one that didn't use any puntuation, capitalization, or apostrophes.

Haha it might be you sleepwalking. Is it a pontiac or a saturn? Could just be the usual mechanical problems.

Actually, my father once worked with a man whose Mitsubishi was parked and one day decided to randomly catch fire. That being said, I wouldn't put it past a Pontiac to do the same.

Pontiacs can be very reliable cars you douchenozzle jackknob dingbat hair diaper dumpster baby trash eating fat *****

awww try harder next time and you will definately get first xxx

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More like No. 5 Anyways, I live in Maryland, and the police is pretty okay, but the city people are shitty. Come to Maryland! We long for attractive people.

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ooh! A state with no attractive people that wants attractive people?? I'm THERE. lol, not.

Americunt 0

We have lots of attractive people, but they are usually in a relationship.

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lmao sux for you

I'm sorry, u got an enemy?

cant* well that shut me up

well next time think better before destroying other peoples cars ... the same might happen to you ...

What do you mean? The OP didn't do anything to anyone else's car. It DID happen to her. I'm confused. Are you directing that statement to the burglars?

your fault for doing shit in school so having a shitty job so living in a bad area

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woahh :)