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Today, I was in agonizing pain and couldn't move. My parents said they couldn't take me to the ER until the football game on TV was over. FML
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when I broke my collar bone, and was screaming in agony, asking my dad to drive me to hospital, my dad told me "to stop complaining, nothings wrong, and besides, I'm sending an e-mail" this man is supposed to be a fully trained emergency responder. So I feel your pain.


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i don't blame them football rocks!!! but seriously wow! that does suck. hope you feel better babe

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1. Football sucks. 2. Your parents are Rednecks. 3. Buy a TiVo 4. Enjoy a taco as your parents scold you for liking something Mexican. Trolling ftw :D

1. Buy a TiVo 2. Realize the Redneckness of yer folks. 3. Enjoy a taco in front of them 4. Record them ranting about Mexicans 5. YouTube. 6. Watch the Hungry Internet Zombies ravage your parents' respect. 7. Enjoy a burrito.

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Wow, football fans and basketball fans... Some get too obsessed, and yes #2 they sure do LOVE him/ her... x)

The same thing happened to me on the Super Bowl.

Thata right son! I'll drive ya right after i finish writing this fml commenting on what a dissapoinment you are! A real footbal player would put some ice on it and hop back in there! Pussy!

...They weren't playing football. They were watching tv.

wow your a jerk you don't know how much they hurt your a asshole

Wow, you're parents suck. If you were seriously in that much pain and you are under 18 the logical thing to do would have been to call an ambulance and stick your parents with the bill.

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Your what? Are you attempting to correct his grammatically correct sentence? Idiot..

No.. he's actually right and I can't believe I made that silly little mistake. :$ That's what you get when you are overtired I guess. :P (It should have been 'your parents suck') And I'm a girl, btw. :(

Really, PinkFloyd? "You are parents suck"?

Ugh.. where did my comment go?? Actually PinkFloyd.. it is wrong.. and I'm kind of embarassed that I did that since I am usually a stickler for you/you're as well as their/there/they're. I guess that's what I get for posting on FML when I am overtired. :( Fail.

Dumbass, Pink Floyd, "you're" is incorrect in this case. "your" is correct.

Calm down guys, I think she knows that.

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Stop being Grammar Nazis.* Caps are wrong. **** I wanna GN that guy >:c

Calm down. Who really cares if he used incorrect grammer

I'm guessing it wasn't anything really serious or you would have mentioned what it was. You probably deserved it for wasting people's time.

Writhing in pain and hardly able to move? Yeah, of course that's wasting their time. Dumbass.

Not writhing, and apparently unable to move, not "hardly able to". Can you not read? Obviously they're youngish if they're living with their parents so it's not likely it's a heart attack or organ failure or anything. They didn't have an accident or they would've said and if it had turned out to be anything serious, they would have said what it was in the FML. Plus f it had been bad enough, they would've called an ambulance. Most likely they just wasted their parents time and the doctors at the ER and caused people who really needed to see a doctor to have to wait longer.

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no, most likely they were in pain and didn't know why and wanted to see a doctor.

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So, only old people have organ failure or heart attacks? Next time some kid around here has that as an illness i'll tell 'em Twinklestar said to suck it up and they're not old enough to have them. Seriously? You sound retarded right there. =/ FYL, OP.

Twinklestar, you're completely wrong. My girlfriend went into multiple heart failure shortly after she was born. Even now that she's 18, it's still a potential risk. Just because someone's young, it doesn't mean they can't have organ failure, whether it's singular or multiple. It happens. And for the record, if you can't move because you're in pain, would you want to have to crawl to the nearest phone? What if it's downstairs and you're upstairs? I wouldn't advise anyone who's in that much pain to try getting downstairs. And OP, I really hope it wasn't anything too serious. FYL for having idiots for parents.

I think twinklestar just likes being the Devil's Advocate. FYL, OP. Sucks that your parents are assholes.

By Devil's Advocate do you mean total douchebag?

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I think he meant most. You see most represents a greater majority. saying more senior citizens have heart attacks than minors is completly true because they do. the disturbed, Im really happy for you, but your girlfriend doesn't deserve to be alive, because she is weakening the human gene pool

I'll be honest, cucuto89,I think you're a total dick for saying that. I hope you rot in hell. She may have almost died and be registered blind and deaf, but she's one of the most amazing people I have ever known. She's kind, loving, would go well out of her way to do almost anything for her friends and doesn't let her disablities get in her way. Don't you DARE tell me my girlfriend doesn't deserve to live again.

I said "most likely". You'd have to be pretty retarded to think that it's likely for a young person to be having organ failure. At any rate, my main point was that if it was anything serious the OP would have said what it was. Or you know, done what most people who are in serious pain do and call an ambulance. If it was an emergency it's better to do that as you get seen faster and can be treated on the way if things deteriorate. If it's not an emergency you should be going to a doctor and not wasting people's time in the emergency room.

Fair enough, but my point is that whilst it's true it's unlikely, it's not impossible. Thing is...if it's agonising pain, it could be anything. If it's in the stomach it could just be a really bad cramp, or it could be appendicitis. Just because the OP didn't specify what the pain was, it doesn't mean that it wasn't serious. You don't have to give the entire story for it to seem like your life is f****d. Just sayin' :P sorry if I offended you at all :D

I was replying more the Chesire, and I wasn't offended. Appendicitis is probably the only thing I can see being a likely reason for wanting to go to the ER for unexplained sudden pain in a young person, but I have had it and if you're in that much pain, you would just call an ambulance. At any rate, the OP presumably went after the match, and it wasn't anything or they would have said, meaning they went for a pain that wasn't caused from an accident or anything else serious, so it's doubtful the pain caused from nothing the hospital could find was really ER worthy.

Oh right ok :P and good good :D Glad I didn't offend you ^.^ And I can see where you're coming from, but it may have been something more serious, even if OP didn't specify what it was that caused them such pain. lol.

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Eh, I was just saying that there are plenty of young children (case: The_Disturbed's girlfriend) that get those, so it could have been that. I still think the parents are dicks. lol.

Maybe, but I only said "probably" in the first place.

Twinklestar - Just FYI, I had really bad gall stones in my gall bladder when I was 18, and yeah I had to call an ambulance to take me to the hospital so I could get immediate surgery (I couldn't even imagine what I would've done if my parents told me to wait until a football game was over). I have a friend who had gall bladder problems when she was 13, so I just wanted to tell you that there are things that can happen to younger people that you probably wouldn't expect.

I didn't say they couldn't happen to young people. I said young people don't need to be worrying as much as an older person about a sudden pain if it's not severe enough to be caused by something, and I'm guessing from the OPs lack of mentioning anything, they didn't find anything wrong.

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...she can talk and stuff? being blind and deaf?

She's only registered. She can hear with hearing aids, but hardly without them, and she can see about a metre ahead of her. Factor in photophobia (ultra-sensitivity to light) and she can't see at all during the day.

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Meh. She copes with it, and I help wherever and whenever I can. If anything, it's made me realise just how much people take their senses for granted.

Haahha your getting hated on aren't you bitch? Quit trying to be such a know it all. If he was in pain he was in pain. And anyone can get an organ failure, no ones born perfect. I beleive your the retard for thinking it isn't possible.

Not really... And it's "you're". Retard.

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I'd rather see week people in the gene pool than douchebags, #32. If you're so big on natural selection, how 'bout you gargle a revolver?

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For assuming a human being doesn't deserve to live because of a disability, you deserve to be shot. Why don't you go resurrect the third Reich and begin the Final Solution again, you ignorant ****. I hope you die you shit eating scumbag.

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And that was to #32. Good for you and your girl Disturbed. I hope you remain happy together.

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sorry, what on earth is multiple heart failure? her heart failed multiple times?

Not being able to move is serious enough to go to the doctor. Always. And really, your method of deduction is your ruling on what someone you've never met would or wouldn't have included in an online post?

@_sourpatchkid - Yes, I suppose I should have been slightly more specific. Her heart failed 4 times in the first few weeks of her life, due to a hole in her heart. It's somewhat miraculous she's still alive today.

@_sourpatchkid - Yes, I suppose I should have been slightly more specific. Her heart failed 4 times in the first few weeks of her life, due to a hole in her heart. It's somewhat miraculous she's still alive today.

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@ Twinklestar The OP said they were unable to move so how exactly could they call anyone if they weren't right by a phone? For all you know the nearest phone was in the next room or on a completely different floor. Also, that's not really the point of this FML. The point was the OP was in an incredible amount of pain for no apparent reason and his parents didn't really seem to care at all. If this was my child I may not take them right to the emergency room but I'd at least go to my family doctor and I'd be relieved if it turns out to be nothing serious not upset my child "wasted my time and the doctor's time". If this was your kid would you rather it turn out it was just a bad upset stomach or complete kidney failure? My guess would be the second because at least then your kid didn't waste your precious time.

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Also if you're in pain for no apparent reason that's more of a reason to be concerned not less of a reason to be concerned. Just because he wasn't diagnosed with something when the pain started doesn't mean he didn't go to the doctor and find out something was seriously wrong. That's usually how you find that stuff out. By going to a doctor when something isn't right like having unexplainable pain.

Your are a total bitch. How come you think you have the right to tell someone that their girlfriend doesn't deserve to live? "Weakening the human gene pool" It's complete wankers like you that believe you are superior to people with health issues that shouldn't contribute their gametes. You know what Numb nuts nobody is perfect you are an example of that, Go to hell **** wit!

I said probably Ame, which is a lot better than what a lot of people have said. If it was serious, they would almost certainly have posted what it was.

They managed to ask their parents janise, who were in the room with the TV. On the off chance there wasn't a phone in the main room she could've asked to borrow a cellphone. The fact their parents weren't too concerned suggests the OP has a tendency to over react. Most parents have some idea of their kids threshold for pain. My daughter doesn't complain a lot about falling while playing, even though a couple of times she's hurt herself quite badly, but wanted to keep playing and I've taken her to the doctor despite her protests. If she has a sore tummy with a flu she'll insist she needs to go the the hospital immediately, and obviously I don't rush her to the emergency room. I only said probably deserved it, not definitely, but chances are the OPs parents know their kid is exaggerating rather than neglecting a kid in enough pain to be having kidney failure. (And just btw, my ex had kidney failure, and the symptoms are a bit more than some dramatic teenager insisting they need to go to the ER because of something that was probably a stomach cramp).

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omg some of you take this site waaay too seriously. lol

My 22 year old friend had a heart attack. 2 years ago. And it was probably their appendix or something.

when I broke my collar bone, and was screaming in agony, asking my dad to drive me to hospital, my dad told me "to stop complaining, nothings wrong, and besides, I'm sending an e-mail" this man is supposed to be a fully trained emergency responder. So I feel your pain.

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So then you called an ambulance, yes?

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I'm the same way with hockey. Anything and everything will have to wait until the capitals game is over.