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  turtles1321  |  0

ydi for living.
Ydi for having a boyfriend.
Ydi for having an ipod.
Ydi for reading this list
Ydi for still reading this list
.......ydi for being naked in the shower while playing twister with your friend and singing to justin beiber.
and finally interesting

  lifeinhd  |  3

See, that's the problem. No one bothers to check if there's a better device than an iPod out there, they just buy an iPod because they know the name. With my Archos, I have Wifi, a 4" screen, DVR capability, a 30GB hard drive, and an internal speaker, for $300. And I bought this a year before the first iPod touch came out. Apple's always been behind the curve, at least in MP3 players.

  RuralNinja  |  0

No you don't, if anything, you just reinforced his point. You didn't bother to look at anything, you just mindlessly chimed in to your beloved ipod's defense, and failed miserably.

The ipod is $199 for 8 gigs, so where do the other 22 gigs come from? The higher priced ones have more storage, but come at the $299 price, making your argument null either way. Also, the ipod has a 3.something inch screen, not 4. The ipod doesn't do DVR either, and brought all its other supposedly "new" features to the table AFTER the archos did.

  winterharte  |  0

Or you could be even more of an apple fanboy and buy the iPad: aka the most retarded idea that's going to sell millions of units at $300 a piece ever. God I hate Apple

  entwinedrose  |  9

Ooh, ooh, look, someone mentioned an iPod! Now I must browse and comment on everything that mentions an apple product or it's competitors and hate on everyone who uses one of the biggest companies in the world.

No really, shut up.