By Anonymous - 25/06/2014 23:38 - Canada - Dartmouth

Today, my boyfriend informed me of how I had really hurt his feelings. Apparently, not wanting to be sent a photo of his poop is hurtful. FML
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Some people never cease to amaze me with how overly sensitive they are. And your. boyfriend may have topped my list, OP


A while back I was texting my (now ex) girlfriend and she told me she was taking a shit, so I responded with "girls don't poop" cause we all know, well, that girls don't poop just like they don't pass gas. So her response was to send me a picture of her crap with a message attached saying "this is how much girls poop lol". At first I didn't see her caption because it was sent above the picture so I didn't know what I was looking at. It was so unbelievably small lol I'm not joking in the least when I say it couldn't have been bigger than a penny lol I didn't know if I should be disgusted or laugh at the fact that she actually sent me a picture of her shit.. (Yes I know that girls take ***** and I know that they rip ass too. It was just a joke)

Sorry I should've specified that the statement of "girls don't poop or pass gas" was a joke. The incident actually happened.

#27 Ammmm are you.... talking to yourself?

#39 Of course he's not. Ugh shut up already.

cjwayy 22

#43 I agree. It was painful to read.

Then let's kill it. Thread closed!!

inner_peace 19

Some people never cease to amaze me with how overly sensitive they are. And your. boyfriend may have topped my list, OP

What's with all these guys and their gross need to show people their poop?! That confounds me

Seriously? You would think people would stop using such horrible puns after seeing people reap the consequences (souls sacrificed to satan) but no, you have to use the same shitty puns. (No pun intended)

Sounds like you've got yourself - damn, I can't even type it as a joke. Too painful.

shitty bf? turd bit unlucky? to deal with crap?

it's indeed weird that he would ask.such a thing maybe he just likes your ass or something

inner_peace 19

#7 are you sure you're reading the FML correctly?

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I always send crap pics when I like someone's ass.

btrag97 13

Guess his manhood is where his shit is, down the toilet

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People get offended so easily these days.

inner_peace 19

#28 I looked it up, and apparently it means "dump this mofo already."

Axel5238 29

Not going to disagree someones sense of humor is part of who they are and there are those that have an immature side and they know when to stop. Lot of guys/or girls don't and are like that much longer. An occasional joke fine, but the OP I'm guessing doesn't want a perpetual kid as a bf.

asnakelovinbabe 16

In my head I read it as "DO THE MOTHER ******* ASS" Yes I realize that makes absolutely no sense. Brain y u do dis 2 me