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  xCrazyMexican  |  4

DF? Wow you guys don't get it do ya? Some people want to support the greatest country in the world while you dipshits just keep insisting on buying Chinese bullshit! USA all the way bitchez

  yummy_richkid  |  3

The big 3 do not make cars that fit everyone's tastes. And I never said I was against American cars. I just made fun of ford. I personally prefer GM vehicles.

Oh and a lot of car foreign factories have USA factories and use a lot of American made products.

  Roevera  |  14

Oh yes.. my dickhead neighbor tried pulling it with my car.. the rear end of my car was parked slightly over his lawns property line... he's 76 years old, lives alone, has a double garage and a huge driveway with one vehicle.. and btched at me cause I wasnt on my "side".

  yahoowizard  |  16

Seems so random though. I mean, what boss calls for cars outside his building to be towed. Isn't it implied that it belongs to the workers. Didn't even ask OP and the other workers beforehand

By  SoSickWithIt  |  14

Make him pay for the cost, and manipulate your way into some new perks around your job?
...or punch him, put some sunglasses on, and walk out of the office like a true king.