By truth - 10/02/2012 01:49 - United States

Today, my boss reported to the police that a suspicious car has been parked outside the store late at night. I walked outside and my car was gone. He had my car towed. FML
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Wow, police will tow someone's car if you report it as suspicious! *commits to memory for later use* now to find someone I don't like...


n_epic_fail 14

Now you know why that white van was sold to you so cheap...

Michael_92 20

@22 I can see another call to the cops if he did that...

Who said it was a ford? But the acronym is pretty good

desireev 17

At least its not pontiac.. Poor old nigga thinks is a cadillac. O.o

cradle6 13

I always heard it as: F.O.R.D, Fix Or Repair Daily.

Jumber thank you for seeing what's wrong with today's economy. I salute you

I for one am not willing to buy shit cars just to support your economy.

xCrazyMexican 4

DF? Wow you guys don't get it do ya? Some people want to support the greatest country in the world while you dipshits just keep insisting on buying Chinese bullshit! USA all the way bitchez

The big 3 do not make cars that fit everyone's tastes. And I never said I was against American cars. I just made fun of ford. I personally prefer GM vehicles. Oh and a lot of car foreign factories have USA factories and use a lot of American made products.

slushybox 9

I don't think he likes you :P fyl opi. I'm sorry :(

Or maybe OP just parked their car far away in the corner? Or maybe OP spaced out about how most places have an area for employes cars?

If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, we'd all have a merry Christmas

Wow, police will tow someone's car if you report it as suspicious! *commits to memory for later use* now to find someone I don't like...

Oh yes.. my ******** neighbor tried pulling it with my car.. the rear end of my car was parked slightly over his lawns property line... he's 76 years old, lives alone, has a double garage and a huge driveway with one vehicle.. and btched at me cause I wasnt on my "side".

Sounds like a fun neighbor. You ever tried throwing a party?

With FREE CANDY scribbled on the side?

Michael_92 20

Would you believe me if I said I have a giant black van with tinted windows and chrome rims?

ninjuh_wingman 29

Was it a big white van with 'Free Candy' painted on the side?

Imagine if somebody painted "free copies of Skyrim" on the side......

Oh that's clever I can see many kid being taken because of that, Skyrim is awesome

The skyrim thing probably wouldn't work because 99% of people who think it's so awesome already have the game.

DalPozzo13 10

Shit happens. I'd make him pay towing cost though

Seems so random though. I mean, what boss calls for cars outside his building to be towed. Isn't it implied that it belongs to the workers. Didn't even ask OP and the other workers beforehand

oi_drunx420 0

Haha that sucks for you, the worst part is its not like you can complain its your boss lol

This is why you don't drive your ice cream truck to work. Only on the weekends.

Well if it actually was your car.. Then you should've known that they will suspect it..... If not FYL

Make him pay for the cost, and manipulate your way into some new perks around your job? ...or punch him, put some sunglasses on, and walk out of the office like a true king.