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By Anonymous - 21/10/2019 00:01

Today, there was a gas leak at work. We called the fire department, who advised us to evacuate the building. We called our manager to let her know, and her response was "Oh, don’t do that." My boss would rather let us die of carbon monoxide exposure than lose out on 3 hours of work. FML
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sounds like she'd give OSHA a stroke

Sounds like it’s time to find another job


sounds like she'd give OSHA a stroke

Sounds like it’s time to find another job

sweetbitch92420 4

My boss would've done the same. 🙄

She doesn't want you to die of carbon monoxide exposure. She wants you to die of asphyxiation. Get your toxins straight!

First off your managers an idiot. So I would listen to the fire department and leave. If you had a smart manager I’m sure he could have thought of a safe way for you to continue working. With the exception of retail store job. Ex. Your a salesman/women. He could have suggested that the people who live a short time away work from home and those who don’t go to a nearby Internet cafe.

Well, evacuate the building, but leave said manager working in the CO exposure area whereupon she will then die from said(-by-her) negligible poisoning. A win, win for everybody! ;-)

EmDizzle2007 28

I hope people have contacted the proper authorities before posting about it here

Kristoffer 35

How do you get carbon monoxide exposure from a gas leak? Natural gas is definitely poisonous, but the bigger issue is its flammability, making the more pertinent risk an explosion.

Time to find a new job :)

crashtestdumplin 16

I had a similar experience, only the boss ordered to close the store until it was resolved, and to instead, work on stocking and front facing. So not only was there a potential gas leak, but we had to lock the otherwise automatic doors that would at least allow you to breathe in fresh air when you walked by lol.