By anonymous - United States - Phoenix
Today, like every other day for the past two weeks, the strange cat that has adopted me inexplicably made its way into my house and curled up next to my head while I slept. I'm horribly allergic. FML
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Dude, if you've ever known a cat, you'd know that they're like adolescent children. The more you press them about something, the more they're gonna rebel.

If you want your cat to love you, ignore him. Completely. Don't talk to him, don't look at him, don't acknowledge him. Lie down on the floor (that's huge -- when you're on their scale, you're not intimidating) and watch tv for a while, ignoring him all the while. Eventually he'll come sniffing around, and then you can gently, in a non-intimidating, non-clingy way, pet him.

Cats hate clingers more than just about anything else in this world.

  xo_rilee  |  13

Not only are many cats remarkably smart but they can fit through anywhere that is wider than their head because they do not have collarbones and really flexible spines so OP might think the house is secure but the cat has clearly found a way

By  Elban  |  20

Suck it up and buy some meds to get over the allergy and enjoy the companionship that life has offered you or chase it off. Being as how you wrote this as an fml I think you should get the meds and learn stuff

  freddygasman  |  18

Really, my cat was an asshole and tried to literally smother me every chance she got by trying to sleep on my face after I would fall asleep. I guess I was the lucky one to get the super clingy psycho murderous cat.