By Kelso - / Saturday 6 February 2010 18:22 / United States
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By  CleanSheets  |  0

Your mom clearly knew you couldn't smell it, but was just looking for a way to end your life while she made her get away in the emergancy ecsape pod that she secretly had installed into her closet several years ago.

  jasonsaied  |  1

lol I know this isn't an fml. nothing happened

  msTasty_92  |  0

i dont mean to be a bitch, but half these FMLs aren't true and the other half are just people whining.
ex: Today, I ran out of my favorite lipgloss just before the school dance. FML

oh gee...your life really is FUCKED. a FUCKED life is not having water, not having food, having lost a relative or a loved one, missing an opportunity of a lifetime that could've changed your life forever.

and honestly this one fAKe. Those alarms arent like fire alarms..they don't been randomly...so if the alarm was ringing and you were still asleep...you would've died.


  themixedt4pe  |  0

#53, This website is supposed to be funny. Do you really think anyone would visit if it was just a list of dead relatives, dead pets, starvation, and broken lives?

P.S. My carbon monoxide detector beeps when the batteries are low so you know to replace them. Perhaps that's why they're not dead, and will know better next time. Potential death obviously isn't good enough for you. Personally, I'm GLAD the OP isn't dead.

  Malinkrot  |  3

53, I've never seen any FML like your made up lip gloss one. And #56 is right, this is supposed to be a funny website, so get off your pretentious "no one else here knows what REAL pain is, but I do" high horse. Obviously most of these peoples lives aren't literally fucked, and everyone else here knows that, so stop acting like you are the only one who realizes it and the rest of us are all naive kids who don't know what real problems are.

  cuntfused  |  3

You sure seem like you don't mind being a bitch. Last time I checked, fire alarms don't beep randomly either, so your logic is shot to hell. For the record, people who are unable to afford the bare essentials are probably not going write about it on an FML post. If you had no food or running water, would you waste your time and money on the internet? Sounds pretty ridiculous, right?

  Metzler31  |  17

that is not true. it has happened to me when the carbon monoxide alarm when off randomly. we freaked out and called the police, but the alarm was malfunctioning because it was low on battery. so this is one I believe could have actually happened.

  chinCHILLaOUT  |  0


You know, if you look in the about/FAQ (I'm not sure which) it says that an FML is about what ruined your DAY. Not your life. It's about that petty little things that is screwed up and caused you inconvinience that everyone can feel and laugh that it happened to you. This site is about how you can forget about those unfortunate people for a little bit and fuck off and complain about yourself. It's to enjoy what luck you have and what can go wrong with that. This site is one of those times you can relax and enjoy some self indulgance. If you don't want to do that you can get the fuck out.

I am not saying that we shouldn't think about those people that are less unfortunate and don't have the necessties of life such as water and shelter. Just sometimes its called taking a break. We cannot completely donate all of our time to helping everyone, in order to do that we need to trade places with them. This site is called a LUXURY, were we can complain about them. So if you don't want to take a break, you should leave.

  Reyo  |  2

Is your mother really that thick? I just can't fit my mind around this. If she thought she could smeel it, why would there be a need for an alarm?

  bl0tt0  |  0

@56 someone's actually going to post here if they had someone near to them die? it's supposed to be a humorous site, you're not going to hear any serious stuff here, so if you're waiting for the perfect FML, its not gunna happen

  moneyman22  |  7

I think that the website name F My Life is very misleading. Most of these aren't going to affect you 30 years later, so it doesn't really F Your Life. I think it should be something like "This Day Sucks (TDS)" or something.

  Danielt104  |  6

Get off this website. It's for funny things that fuck up our day, not things that litterally fuck our lives. So, yeah, this website isn't for you. Get off. -.-

  nickibaby64  |  0

If we had no food or water i doubt we would have a computer, much less internet.
You need to chill chick, no one forces you to come on this website. Why come here just to bitch?

  ReyEr9412  |  0

53 is partially right. There are a lot of annoying whiny ones like the lip gloss example. Another one is: "Today, I my friend had a party and I wasn't invited. FML"


I would like to know how you personally would feel if somebody's stupidity could've easily gotten you killed, especially somebody stupid enough to not know what carbon monoxide is specifically. Would you automatically forgive them just because you were lucky enough to survive?

  TrekkieGirl  |  0

WTF is wrong with your mom?!? There is no way an adult with children no less, should be that much of an idiot. Glad you and your family are ok, OP. However, your mom needs an ass kicking.

By  CleanSheets  |  0

Your mom clearly knew you couldn't smell it, but was just looking for a way to end your life while she made her get away in the emergancy ecsape pod that she secretly had installed into her closet several years ago.

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