By catlover - 13/12/2012 11:04 - Australia - Melbourne

Today, I went Christmas shopping for my cat. I still haven't bought presents for my family, yet my cat already has several small gifts under the tree and an outfit to wear around the house. I really need a new hobby. FML
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Well merry catmas to you, since you seem to religiously rever your cat


Well merry catmas to you, since you seem to religiously rever your cat

Merry catmas to you all! OP: your priorities are in the right place. Don't worry. We know the cat has a hold over you that is near hypnotic. It's what they do! They are our fuzzy overlords. It's good to pay them homage.

Your comment is irrelevant to the original comment therefore you are branded threadjacker.

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Yea and your is also relevant how? O.o keep the thread going!!

How about picking up a musical instrument? Or trying a new sport?

Love your cat if you want, but at least admit to yourself that what you did was buy a bunch of presents for *yourself.* how about trying to make someone else happy, huh?

Cats deserve happiness and exercise like anyone else!

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You're right, 3. I love playing with catnip and chasing little fake mice. I buy those for myself all the time.

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74 you need to be careful. I had my run in with catnip back when I was a young lad. It's an addiction many people don't quit.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

74 you need to be careful. I had my run in with catnip back when I was a young lad. It's an addiction many people don't quit.

I really love that all the people who are like "yeah, no life" basically show everyone else that they've never had a pet they've loved like a child, or rescued one and saw how much they appreciated it...

Hoes before bros mate, gotta please the pussy before you can worry about family!

Maybe it's time for me to retire from commenting, I really haven't been doing too well lately. :P

22 - You could try your luck in the pun department. I'm sure Pleo here can help you

I do enjoy a good pun every so often, but I'd feel like I was cheating Pleo if I made that my main thing. I guess I just need to not comment unless I have something interesting to say, and not be so insecure about thumbs regardless. :P

36 Come to us in the Don't give a **** department... Just post what you feel should be posted and have confidence:) If not then watch them mud wrestlers... :D

36- If it makes you feel any better, everyone has off days and such for commenting. Even Doc and Perdix get negative reviews here and there, and I promise you, they don't care about it in the least. :) Don't stress the thumbs, but if it makes you feel any better, I enjoy 90% of the comments made in general, and you fall into the majority. :) Chin up, Troll! ;)

Also, if it consoles you, tell yourself that there will always be someone with more downvotes than you! Which is, let's face it, pradip most of the time.

Come on #36 screw it man just comment, I haven't been doing to well either, but **** it we'll eventually get some funny ones out.

22 think about me before quitting. Once upon a time I was always getting thumbed down, but see now. Wait, This is sarcasm.

Well pradip one day you will make a comment that will get a thousand thumb ups in an hour. You just have to believe and make a funny comment.

I got over 75 down votes on one of my reply to a comment comments. It doesn't stop me from being a snarky ass. Don't worry. I like your humour. Don't give up!

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Hahaha I legitimately belted out laughing at Pradips buried comment and the "classic Pradip" comment that followed.

It amazes me that the community on a website that's about laughing at other people's shitty lives is so supportive...

Hey we may laugh at other people's misery, but deep down we care.

It's because everybody else's misery makes us feel good about ourselves. And we spread that good feels throughout the comments. Unless we're just assholes.

Ew. Do you feed your cats Mice and fishes?

Have a nice day best wishes. But cat style. It's actually a Family Guy Reference

Hell they won't air family guy at my place. Sorry for the misunderstanding

So you love your kitty but are ambivalent towards your family? Hmmm. I see nothing wrong with that.

Maybe OP hasn't figured out what to get each family member yet. Think about it: he/she has asked what each person wants and no one has gotten back to him/her. Therefore, that person isn't going to buy some random junk because they want the recipient to enjoy and use the present. That's what I do every year. My sister hasn't gotten back to me and she will get peanuts for Xmas if she doesn't hurry up...joking.

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You wanted the first comment so bad that you couldn't even type "What?" correctly?

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I'm not sure they were after first comment 10 minutes after the fact. Get off ye highhorse.

20 First 10ish spots are good.. They usually stay on first page and typically get seen the most...

I prefer "wot" myself. Adds a bit of class, no?

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This is nothing cat-astrophic, there's nothing wrong with wanting your cat to have a purrfect holiday.

Agreed, I don't see why OP is feline so bad about it.

Castillo takes the furrlawless victory! :P

Careful with the puns, guys, or else will have a hairball effect and no one will be able to contain it.

Purrhaps by a whisker. But as vin diesel said. It doesn't matter if you win by an inch or a mile, you still won. ;)

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Crazy cat lady at it again >_