By cutthroatkait - 05/08/2014 22:44 - United States

Today, I picked up an extra shift at the store. It was also the day the store's ventilation system shut down, resulting in carbon monoxide poisoning for me and two co-workers. FML
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CrassKal 27

I'm glad you're in good enough health to post this FML.

Workers' Comp ? Best wishes for prompt recovery, OP.


ZY1431 24

that sucks hopefully that will get fixed

it more than sucks #1 op and her coworkers could have died and carbon dioxide can have Long lasting damage even if she was only In there for a few minutes because that's all it takes.

#36 no sarcasm thank you for correcting me I did actually monoxide and thought I checked it.

Isn't the hospital bill covered under workers comp? Correct me if I'm wrong here, but I believe OP is allowed to sue the workplace for the (abnormal) dangerous work environment. The person who built the building or the one who owns the company should've known that it is entirely possible for CO poisoning to occur if the ventilation system broke down. What I'm saying is, can't OP sue for damages because the workplace didn't notify potential dangers with the ventilation system down? (Kind of like a caution wet floor type of warning)

Queen_of_Night 20

Even if they were informed that the ventilation system was being shut down, that does not get her employer out of the poisoning. If they were shutting the system down and there was a chance of death in the forecast, they would have sent their employees home. Wrongful death is something her family could have sued for. And often times juries will split the blame, the McDonald's hot coffee incident found the lady partially at fault.

#36 its still dangerous to breath in co2. there is a reason why we breath it out, and not in. but she did word it wrong, and could have been auto correct, or she simply mixed the words up. ot happens

Workers' Comp ? Best wishes for prompt recovery, OP.

juturnaamo 29

It's not an injury. If you don't die, you can work in 2 days.

It's Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Acquired on the job. Unless they feel like being slapped with a lawsuit, they don't really have a choice.

CrassKal 27

I'm glad you're in good enough health to post this FML.

I thought carbon monoxide was fatal. You're very lucky OP, hope you feel better.

DeltaDragonxx 20

not always. its kinda like someone strangling you. you can die, but if they stop soon enough you wont

jazmin3012 28

I truly and sincerely hope all of you guys are okay

23lf 16

If you guys got CM poisoning, couldn't you sue for that? I know it's a typical American response, but still

This mentality is what's pulling this county down the drain, we need a war on entitlement.

Thejackel79 9

The only way OP could sue is If the workplace didn't cover her medical bills.

Queen_of_Night 20

8- It's one thing to sue over frivolous things like McDonald's made my kids fat, or Nestle put trans fat in my cookies. But OP can have serious long term effects that can impair her for the rest of her life. "Up to forty percent of those poisoned can suffer problems that range from amnesia, headaches and memory loss to personality and behavioural changes, loss of muscle and bladder control and impairment of co-ordination and vision."- This is something her employer SHOULD be paying for should problems arise. So how about you get off the "Just another lawsuit" bandwagon.

It also depends on why the ventilation system shut down and what emergency back up ventilation system the company had in place. If the ventilation was shut down due to company negligence or if there were not proper emergency procedures in place, OP should definitely look in to a lawsuit. OP is lucky to be alive and it's possible a lawsuit and a change in company policy could save future lives. Lawsuits are not always about getting quick and easy money. Of course, if the ventilation system was shut off because of OP's negligence, that's a different story.

#30 is right. Also, if they didn't have proper monitoring for the levels as well. If negligence is the case they might need a swift kick in the rear that a lawsuit would give, so it doesn't happen again.

If you say it quickly with a French accent it sounds so much better. Sorry, OP. I hope your work is paying for your medical bills.

Maybe you should complain to the CO HQ

Human resources they look out for employees better.

Dang that sucks, hope your co-workers are faring as well as you seem to be.

I don't know why, but I read "faring" as "farting" and your comment had a completely confused me for a second.

Hahaha yea it's a side effect from cm poisoning. Now those would be some deadly farts.

91hayek 31

Who knows, had you not been at work you could have got into a situation where you got killed on your day off. Still, that's really dangerous and glad that you and your coworkers are okay.