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By Username - 17/05/2011 04:05

Today, I updated my Facebook status as, "Lost all my contacts, need numbers". My mom commented, "Her phone didn't get reset, she just doesn't have any friends." Her comment got 32 likes. FML
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you have a nice mom

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I hate people who post that they need people's numbers. You really shouldn't give your number out online, you know there's a site that is dedicated to displaying every phone number ever posted on facebook.


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first blood! sounds like a mother with a sense of humour. great combo

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you have a nice mom

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no, OP's mom is a genius! i shall find OP on facebook and make the 32 likes turn into 33.

wait... so did your phone REALLY reset?

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that's funny as shit!

Pwned by mommy dearest

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Your moms a bitch and if I were you I'd delete all those 32 people who liked her comment and tell them all to GO FUCK THEMSELVES!!! Those are not your friends and apparently your mother isn't either

101 You just jokeblocked this entire FML

Better than an overprotective parent reacting to a small incident. Cool mom bro

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wow, you do know you can just delete her comment since it's on your post

127-ur ^^so right but I don't think she knew that until now...

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Apparently you do have friends... 36 to be exact!

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THAT BITCH! lol though…

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you don't say that

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thats asuper bitch lil

sorry bit that is probably one of the best Facebook FMLs iv ever heard!!!!

I hate it when people do that. It seems so lame!

Well at least your mum has friends (judging by the likes) Sorry OP...

Or, they could've been OP's Facebook friends who liked the moms comment.

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or not:P

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The truth hurts.

It would have to be OP's friends that liked it.

hahahahahaha wow that`s sad

What a bitch! FYL :(

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I hate people who post that they need people's numbers. You really shouldn't give your number out online, you know there's a site that is dedicated to displaying every phone number ever posted on facebook.

Don't assume people happily post their numbers as comments, they could easily message them to OP. Wannabe moralfag much.

I'm surprised this got so many down votes. Companies can pull any of your information displayed on facebook, including your number, and your friends numbers. They cannot take information from private messages, which is where you should share things like phone numbers.

Thank you!! I've been trying to get this around to my friends. They're still not a little more cautious with these things.

Well my family learned the hard way. A company took my brothers number off of facebook and sent him advertisements via text message. What comes up on the next bill but this mysterious $30 charge. Verizon helped us trace back how it happened. So there's my story, and that's why you don't display your personal phone number on the Internet.

Citrus, it had downvotes because she's speaking of people willingly posting numbers on someone's status when they ask for it. There's this cool thing called private messaging, guess you guys haven't heard of it? Either way your bro's fault for posting his number on what I assume is his profile for constant public access.

I know I know blah blah sue happy Americans, but your brother could have sent them a certified letter stating intent to sue (some other steps I'm not sure about probably required), for them its cheaper to pay him 600 or so dollars than ******* with court

yeah. if you got your number pulled from Facebook your pretty much an idiot...

There's this lovely new thing called changing your privacy settings on Facebook. Also, you have to change who you allow on your profile. The comment got thumbed down because anyone who actually puts their number on a FB status, then you really are a tard.

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Okay let me rephrase... I hate it when people willingly give out their numbers. I hate to tell you, but whether your settings are set to private or not, sites can pull your number. Unless, as previously mentioned, you send it through a private message.

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I fail to see where OP said she put her number on Facebook. She could have been talking to the people who already have her number to see who actually Wants OP to have his or her number and is willing to text OP.

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exactly! when I got my new phone I did exactly this I'm not gonna give my phone number out to random people it's for the people I know in real life, it's a way to contact people when you don't have their number.