By drunkfacebookuser - Australia
Today, I got very drunk after being fired from my job. In my depressed, intoxicated state, I posted my facebook status as 'Goodbye world'. The only response was from my dad saying 'cya'. His comment got 29 likes. FML
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  MrSassypants  |  32

Your dad should've said don't let the bed bugs bite.

That was my last comment. Why did it got moderated? The FML people who moderated comments said "Stale!" and moderated it.

  KaySL  |  24

Oh wow, #13, really? Really? "Everyone else posts racist and degrading shit, why can't I join in and be a douche. WAAAHHHH."

  Metzler31  |  17

Actually I just saw this news article about the Rutgers student whose last words were on facebook 'jumping off the [George Washington] bridge sorry'. And he did it.

  DocBastard  |  38

Busyboy, you are making yourself look incredibly foolish by posting an incorrect statement which is also grammatically incorrect and then calling OP a retard.

In other words, you're a dumbass.

  tweetbaby14  |  17

well, OP, if you want to die so badly that you'd post it on facebook.... no, actually, posting your "last words" on facebook is another way of saying "waaah! I want attention! someone better send me a comment to stop me or I'll delete you all off my friends list!". people like you annoy me OP. stop teasing us with your death and just do it already.

  Person000  |  0

yeah #33 he jumped off the bridge because his roomate secretly taped him having homosexual relations and posted it on the Internet so he killed himself, you should be careful what you say online the government is making new laws that enables them to prosecute online harassment especially if it causes suicide.

  desertrose415  |  8

Sorry to be late to the party but why couldn't someone post a suicide note or hints to their suicide on Facebook? I knew someone who did that. It's not attention-seeking, it's asking for help. You wouldn't understand unless you've been there or had a close friend who was, so I can't blame you for not realizing it, but you guys are kind of being complete assholes right now..

  saint_jimmy  |  0

Except that people are highly more likely to take their own life while intoxicated. You know, due to the whole impaired judgement thing that getting "very drunk" does to you?

By  femaleodd  |  0

I was going to ask how they could type that correctly if they were so drunk, but then I had a flashback and remembered that being drunk doesn't impare everything.

  elrusso  |  0

Not true. When I was a student I once woke up to find an immaculately rolled joint in my jeans pocket. I had no recollection of getting home, let alone rolling it, I was that drunk the previous night.