By Tay Tay - 19/11/2010 13:55

Today, I got dumped after about a four year relationship. Feeling lonely and depressed, I posted on facebook, "is hurt, someone please text or call me." Then one of my cousins commented, "no one text him." His comment got 17 "likes." No one got in contact with me. FML
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you're allowed to call people personally to ask for support. if you post it that publicly on fb, you're just being whiny.


Yeah. Also, you could delete his comment. But since you're a guy, why would you post that anyway? Suck it up princess.

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I was the 17th person to like it. Just a heads up.

Sounds like OP was a dick who ditched his friends for his girl friend. They broke up, he wanted to become friends again, they said **** you. Seems reasonable to me.

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17 though... that's higher than I've seen.

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i have a couple friends who do nothing but post "is hurt/depressed text me"......its hella annoying maybe you should take a hint

lol that's when you go Asian =D cuz that's when you relatives care too much and start saying things like o.O you've gotten fatter o.O you've gotten taller and they act sympathetic but they really aren't. if they are sorry, then they'll be bothering you way to much and might even come over. if they come over, you'll have to forfeit your own bed cuz you Asian parents are way too cheap to buy everyone their own bed plus a spare one. so you'll have to sleep on the ground and THE END. =D have a nice day btw if this doesn't go well it's because I'm on my iPod.

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it's ridiculous:/ it's kinda sad. I feel bad for him. I always help people.

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yeah but he wasn't just whining.. it was a four ear relationship that ended. that's a big deal. and he's not being a little bitch like "I'm going to kill myself I'm so lost help me" he just said he wants someone to talk to. there's nothing wrong with that.

family can be a pain. but usually they are there for you.

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OP WTF do you want them to do? listen to you blabbering on for hours about your ex and how everything's going to be different? When you need serious help, like some social activities to get your mind off stuff, I'm sure they'll be there. Nobody cares about the details.

you're allowed to call people personally to ask for support. if you post it that publicly on fb, you're just being whiny.

Agreed. Do you have any friends, OP? Begging for attention is a little pathetic. Call a friend for distraction and company. Do not whine endlessly to said person. Harsh truth: no one wants to hear that crap.

Oh grow up. If you're lonely and need to talk to someone, it feels better to have someone contact you. Its not whiny, and if you any human emotions you'd understand that

No wonder your girlfriend dumped you, real girls don't like whiny bitch men. Go to a bar and drown your sorrows in a pint instead of turning to others for support.

no need to be a drunkn douche to others because you have no one to talk to. I'm just saying...

Drowning your sorrows in alcohol doesn't make you drunkenly lash out at others, if anything you it makes you break down and cry your eyes out while you and the bartender exchange stories about your misfortunes.

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Oh Lord, the crap bartenders have to deal with.

Sourgirl- I bet you have some great stories. You should write a book.

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Haha, it would be a hard cover under the horror section.(: Nothing pretty about people dying of cirrhosis of the liver. Oh.... and the homeless guy showing off his goods a few weeks back. And also, this chic falling off her chair not wearing any panties, to find out she was a he. Wow, that's two penises I've seen so far at work. Damn, I do have some great stories.

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I'm glad someone said this. If a person, no matter their relation to me, says something hurtful on FB I will delete it. The quick click of a button that says 'Delete' OP would have kept many of your friends from being asses.

Pathetic. So needy! Guys like you need lessons on how to be real men...not sure what these lessons would consist of, any ideas?

I can think of one. Make them go fight in a war. Afterwards they'll either be a real, battle hardened man who can't feel emotion anymore or a nervous wreck who drives themself to the brink of insanity. Either way they won't be a whiny bitch anymore.

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Some options: 1. Beat him to a pulp 2. Knee him between the legs. Hard. 3. Hire the ghosts of love past, present and future to show the idiot how to do it, and how not to do it 4. Place him in solitary confinement for a month 5. Chop his balls off 6. Beat him to a pulp 7. Kill his family 8. Give him a really clingy girl who he hates and she loves 9. Pedobear Some aren't really cures, just very entertaining.

guys like you pretty much cause femenism to happen. guys like you are the reason women hate men. yeah, I'm a guy. and I hate all of you. go take your brainless selves and drink until you die or get shot in a war.

#65: You claim to be a man, yet you side with the feminists. That's not a man in my opinion. Cry moar

like I give a shit about you're opinion. I don't side with feminists, what I said was that guys like you are the reason women hate us, dumbass.

Have you asked yourself why this happened? It appears to be time for a little soul searching.

you TDI. I hate needy whiners who post statuses aimed at getting people to ask them what's wrong. pick up the phone and call someone you emo pain in the ass

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ugh you're being a pussy op. I hate guys like that and I'm sure most people here do. that's why your gf broke up with you. change yourself a bit by toughening up.

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and maybe your cuzzie did that to make you toughen up :P

I think that if you're really down and upset like that then you should call a close friend or family member to just talk or to even go to a restaurant and talk. But putting it all out there on facebook looks really needy and whiney, and quite frankly people may not even take it too seriously. You definately should've called someone instead of begging the world to call you! And sorry for your breakup!