By notliked - 01/10/2009 10:33 - United States

Today, on Facebook, I realized I had over 500 friends. I told my one friend and she changed her status to, "How can Dan have over 500 Facebook friends? Nobody even likes him." It got 42 likes and twenty comments that basically said, "Agreed." FML
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500 Facebook Friends is not the same as actual friends...

Oh no, not Facebook! If you let Facebook judge your life, you should let a shotgun decide your future.


OUCH first

Zhejan 0

Looks like you're having trouble "face"ing reality

idontgiveone 0

and you're having trouble not putting everything as a reply.

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you must be the person who just adds everyone that it says "could" know you. YDI for realizing your just a loser.

thats only about 60 out of 500 :) u still have the other 440 :D

YDI for having a Facebook. Facebook is for kiddies who make themselves feel better by adding fake friends.

111-yeah haha and it said OVER 500 so he still has more than 440 :D

It's kinda obnoxious to comment just to be the "first" Ooh look I'm the first!

500 Facebook Friends is not the same as actual friends...

hahahahahahahahhahahah i would of pressed "agreed"


THIS ! Usually the more friends one has on Facebook, the less they have in REAL life...

Howdyplz 2

True that. Theres this one girl in my grade who likes to make up totally unbelivable lies and whines a lot about her "problems", and she has about 900 facebook friends. But that was last time I checked. It's probably over 1,000 by now.

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Not really...usually the people with the most friends are the most popular because they know the most people. 800+ is usually the popular kids then then the 600+ is more of the decently popular kids and 200-599 is normal. People with less usually don't care or are just nerds/geeks whatever you want to call them, but usually they don't make facebooks anyway so its just people that don't care. It makes no sense to say people with a lot of facebook friends have less than you in real life because if people didn't know them why would they add a stranger? Facebook is for keeping in touch with a lot of people. If you just had just your 10 best friends added then your feed would be almost empty and it would be pointless to go on, whereas if you have a lot of people added although you may not be close to them they come in handy for homework or quick questions or if you just want to get to know them better.

"If people didn't know them, why would they add a stranger?" Clearly you've never been to YouTube, MySpace, deviantART, etc. People add strangers all the time for a multitude of reasons, like to make little deals where they add each other to make it seem like they have more friends. Typically, the people with the most amount on these kinds of websites rarely talk to or actually know all those people. Maybe about twenty of them. All those people also rarely truly respond to anything they say... The number is basically just a show. For example, I watch about 200 people on dA, and about 100 watch me, but how many of them reply to journals or images I post? About ten. See, the numbers mean nothing. (And by they don't actually know, I mean they added them just because they're a friend of a friend of a friend, someone they saw on a site they go to, an old classmate or old teacher they don't really talk to, a distant cousin, etc... people they technically know but don't /really/ know.)

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Actually that stopped being true a few months ago, when hundreds of games were added to facebook that required you to have friends who also played to fully advance. Many of these same games are hotsellers in stores - the only difference being you don't need friends to play when you buy them off the shelf.

... Then you can just add more people who play so you both can advance. How does that suddenly disprove the "adding strangers" theory? In fact I think it'd make people more likely to, because of what I just said. Unless you were talking to someone else, then excuse me.

65-umm if they have less theyre either nerds/geeks, dont care or are new to facebook

GhostDuck 30

Then I should be popular in real life.... Forever alone face.

Oh no, not Facebook! If you let Facebook judge your life, you should let a shotgun decide your future.

#3 you are the wind beneath my wings. it's like you took the words out of my mouth.

Except with relationships. We all know that a real relationships isn't official until its on Facebook ;)


That's not cool asshole. For real. I wanna give my simpathy to Dan. You're probably an awesome person don't let some bitch and some retards give you shit.

Anyone named Dan is probably a scumbag

dude you there a reason why they all hate you ? I LOVE CHOCOLATE BARSSSSSSSSSSS

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well if he's going around bragging about having 500 "friends" then he's probably a jerk...

You don't have to bitch at him just try to see op's perspective on this FML .

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Ok am I the only one that is confused about the I love chocolate bars.....?

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You told her you had 500 facebook friends? Lame. "Hey, guess what? I have 500 facebook friends! Yay!" Don't just add anyone and everyone...

Ahh but were they mutual friends or just your friend's friends? Either way I guess it sucks that people don't like you but hey! You can't please everyone!

Wow, what a bitch. Facebook friends = not the same as real life friends.

Banannikka 1

pretty sure most people were just agreeing for ***** and giggles. That's definitely not a fml moment.

*like* agreed

Obviously, this one "friend" of yours is not a friend at all. I'd remove her from my facebook friends list, and from my life.

facebook is lame!..makes people dumb!.. especially for this case where you make your friends a statistics... just sayinnn... i have one too but i will never think along these cant use facebook to show who you are do that you need a real interaction with the person!.period.