By paulwatson93 - 17/05/2011 04:28 - United States

Today, I went bowling with some friends. After a few beers I was showing off spinning the ball around on the tip of my finger. One trip to the ER and two crushed nuts later, I've found that mixing alcohol and heavy shiny balls is not a good idea. FML
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CateXOX 0

I don't really get how OP "crushed his nuts" with the ball, unless he was lying on his back and dropped the bowling ball on himself.

Or ya know, sitting on a seat whilst spinning the ball.

prince122 0

I think after that he attempted to spin the bowling ball to spin of the tip of his penis which ended with testicles being crushed.

jdeshnerx3 0
CateXOX 0

Heavy, shiny balls referring to the bowling balls, not your lack of balls, correct?

well since he's lacking balls the only ones he could talk about were the bowling balls

It took you two crushed nuts to find that out?

I sincerely hope you smashed your balls beyond repair. You deserve the Darwin award for that shit, and the only way to qualify is to take yourself out of the gene pool.

That's what I was thinking. We should all be glad OP crushed his own balls. Not only because otherwise innocent balls were harmed, but merely because we don't want people with his intellect breeding.

thebestof1984 0

Really? A few beers will make you that stupid?...

Ionodemon1995 0

I'm gonna have to say it Wasn't the alcohol...

You sound like the smart type xD goodjob..

You're a massive idiot. You know how much those balls weigh and whether you're in a drunken state or not, you should know better.

You bloody cadburry! Learn how to handle your drinks. Sincerely, Your (now crushed) Nuts.

That's nuts! Heheheh get it!? Nuts! Okay I'm sorry... I'll go away.