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Today, I got a really bad cramp while I was swimming in my neighborhood pool. I started to go under until the lifeguard jumped in and saved me. I guess it would have been great, if I wasn't a fellow lifeguard. FML
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Well, sucks for you and all, but everyone has cramps once in a while, right?

You don't have to make up a story, it's not fooling anyone. Your attempt at seducing your fellow lifeguard with your damsel in distress is coming along nicely.


Well, sucks for you and all, but everyone has cramps once in a while, right?

yeah i usually get one after im done porkin your mom

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try being a marine that can't swim

you cant swim with only your hands? WTF? lifeguard are you?

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yeah cramps happen all the time, especially random times, so don't be too embarrassed.

I was a towel boy back in the day, but once I sat on the watch chair. one of the proudest days of my life till the life guard came backed and beat me up for using his sunscreen :(

I had cramps while having sex! now that's a real FML!! not life guard shit ;/

I'm a lifeguard, and it's not impossible to swim through cramps.

Are you suggesting that OP had a gender swap?

don't worry, many of us go thru times like this as well.

Don't take it too hard, perhaps next time wait an hour after you eat. :P

They dismissed that as a rule for swimming very long ago.

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lol..I remember having to follow that rule... over protective grandma...

what's up with your mouth? were you born that way?:O

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no, swimming after you eat makes you a badass. OP is badass. ;)

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4: you are freaking adorable!

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I get cramps in my toes all the time while swimming. they suck, but are easy to swim through.

You don't have to make up a story, it's not fooling anyone. Your attempt at seducing your fellow lifeguard with your damsel in distress is coming along nicely.

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haha...#5, your comment wins...

Don't be too hard on yourself! Everyone goes through times like that!

Not that embarrassing. We all get cramps once in a while. :)

What kind of lifeguard can't swim with a cramp? u fail

I agree with #8, even if you have cramp you still have one good leg and both arms. You can still float so ya you should get a new job.

8 & 21. I think your brain has a cramp right now.

25- my brain is just fine thank you very much, if OP seriously needs saved because of a cramp then how do you expect OP to save anyone?

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Yeah what if OP seriously needs saved?

well he can very much save someone when he DOESN'T have a cramp. it was probably a one time thing.

56- I have a great deal of experience in swimming and don't understand how a cramp can seriously put you in danger of drowning. I have say it sounds like OP is just a bad swimmer.

i swim 2+ hours a day and even with a cramp you should be able to swim at least to the side of the pool, especially if your job is saving drowning people.

Thank you #59 I swam competitively but still swim a great deal on my own. OP shouldn't be crippled by a cramp and almost drown when they are a lifeguard.

what kind of human being can swim with a cramp? just cause you're a racoon or whatever that is in your picture?

And we know it was a arm or leg cramp cause....? Have you ever had a menstrual cramp that feels like a chain saw ripping threw your pelvic area!? Just saying.

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Because logically thinking, swimming uses those limbs, so those types of cramps would be the MOST disabling and still absolutely no excuse. I have horrible cramps with my period and everywhere else as it comes with the chronic and severe pain that has been my most prominent symptom of my as of yet undiagnosed illness for YEARS. I really know pain and cramps. arm or leg cramp is no excuse anyway, but a period cramp is even less of one because if you can't push past that pain threshold, it's REALLY dangerous to be in that sort of line of work, because your inability to perform despite being in pain endangers other people's lives. pain is crippling, sure, I know that firsthand... but bottom line you CAN actually do things despite being in pain, some people just WON'T. It's fair enough because it's miserable until it gets to this point because then it's dangerous, and the OP has to tale responsibility for that. I think the whole thing about cramps in particular is that they are muscle contractions... they can render limbs unable to be properly used for a short period of time so if it was that then it'd be more than just being paralyzed by pain as it would change how they may have to swim. with a period cramp it would be so. but then, like they said, there is no reason this person shouldn't have been able to swim anyway, being a lifeguard and all. my body just hates me and so not all of it works well all the time anyway, it's oftentimes a lot more than just cramps, but while by this point in my illness I've been disabled in pretty much every other area swimming has never been an issue for me and I wasn't even that strong a swimmer before. it really shouldn't be nearly as hard as the OP thinks it is to swim with ANY type of cramp, really, because I've done those types of things a lot myself and while more difficult than normal swimming, it's nothing that should be able to drown a damn lifeguard. that's ridiculous.

because, 56, if the cramp is in his leg, then it can sometimes be very painful and hard to move.

61- I've swam for 9 years competitively and during kick sets when both your legs lock up it can be tough to swim to the wall. being a swimmer yourself you probably know it's really painful. my guess is that op isn't a good swimmer, life guards don't have to be able to swim 500 yards in under 5 minutes, so my guess is that a low level swimmer cramping bad would absolutely **** them

cramps dont have to be your leg.. i have had cramps in my stomach and i had to float till it went away

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have to agree with #8... even if you have a cramp you should be able to swim

Just pray to God that it doesn't happen to you in the sea or ocean. For more comments please read a post above.

Finally a good lifeguard who doesn't fall on the top of children

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I hate when that happens. Try getting cramps on both feet... while in the middle of a deep pool... while being me. I never really learned how to dive, so I never made it past intermediate child's swimming. At least you didn't get caught in a riptide like I did. I didn't know you were supposed to swim parallel to shore and then swim in, so I stupidly swam hard toward the beach, and about was washed out farther to sea. Eventually, I beat the tide and reached shore, tired and dazed. Then my friends threw sand at my eyes because apparently they were having a sand fight and thought I was just doing some normal swimming till then. I almost died that day... This was put up to put OP's FML in perspective. Coulda been a lot worse...

Jesus, I can read "War and Peace" three times before I'll be able to read your whole comment.

My friend died a couple of days ago because of a riptide. :( You all are so lucky.

I'm so sorry to hear that, #30. May s/he rest in peace.

I tried to say Sorry earlier but hit the wrong comment. Anyway my apologies for your loss #30

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Did you know "War and Peace" was originally titled "War: what is it good for?"

#12 how do you get caught in a riptide in the middle of a pool?