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  Knight05  |  0

I hope you bleed like a stuck pig, you nasty bitch. I woudn't QQ about periods too long they will be far and few betweem when Johnny and all his 20 friends are tag teaming that pink ass till you start spittin' out minority babies one after the other.


nobody has a ceremony for having your period in india. and yes, i am indian if it weren't obvious from my username. in fact, people avoid mentioning that subject all together. periods are thought of as dirty and you're not supposed to go to the temple when you're on your period.

OP, it's embarrassing now, but a couple of years later, you'll look back on it and laugh. besides, it's just family. there aren't any secrets in family anyhow

  doglover339  |  4

Actually I am Indian but live in America and a friend of my family's had a ceremony party thing when she got hers... Some people do it some don't (thank god my family doesn't!)
But yeah that's really awkward! Oh well just be happy it's over

  rxsey16  |  16

#256 it's usually considered a big thing because it means you're officially a woman when your period comes. You can now make babies and your body has matured

  xX_Vallium_Xx  |  0

#167, your a fucking idiot and clearly skipped health class. Girls can get there periods as late as into there twenties. Besides I know some younger kids who are more fucking mature then people my age.

  lolwut_fail  |  0

You clearly skipped English class. There's a difference between "your" and "you're" as well as "their," "there" and "they're."

You're the fucking idiot. :)

  NataleeC  |  0

yay you are one of the people who can actually read the post for what it is and not get all in defense mode because of some simple grammar mistakes. I thought I was the only one. lol


It's good to appreciate the things you already have, but the funny thing is, nobody sits there everyday being all careful of what they say and always thinking about those who are less fortunate.

  ttorigibson  |  2

Considering this is her first period I doubt she's even a teenager, so yes it would be awkward for her dad to know about something 'private' she probably doesn't fully understand herself yet. Though she's lucky her dad actually has some interest in her personal life, my dad still cringes when I mention the word 'tampon', or even 'cramps'.

  KHunnyBear  |  2

same here haha she called all her friends... I went to my grandmas house and she said soo you started your period and I was like who told you and she was like ph your mom sent it put in a mass text ?(?_?;)

By  xoxoCheer  |  0

Some girls like to make a big announcement of their period. I've read FMLs on here that instead of a cake for someone's birthday, the family buys a cake for their sibling's first period. He probably thought you wanted people to know... Dads are so weird like that :)

By  DncrHap  |  9

Why is that even an issue?
This is /so/ not a FML.

C'mon people, seriously?

  orangef1zz  |  0

The thing is, most girls are young, insecure, and immature when they get their first period. I got mine when I was 12 and it was so sudden and upsetting that I didn't tell my mom until a full day after it started.

It could have been worse for her, but it also could have been a lot better.

  tomakobriefs  |  11

I got you beat: I waited three days to tell my mother. And she wouldn't get off the internet long enough to give me the time of day to talk to me. She yelled at me for bothering her. I was also 12.